Project Excellence

Ramboll is one of only 67 companies globally to be accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM) - an internationally recognised mark of high quality project management services.

Our ‘Project Excellence’ programme ensures that we can: 

Deliver project certainty 

Creating project certainty and proactive risk management to ensure projects remain on track and avoid unexpected loss of control is vital. The mandatory use of a risk report register on all projects ensures risks are identified and monitored, thereby enabling informed decision-making. On major projects, monthly dashboard reporting and the use of Steering Groups create transparency to keep projects on track. 

Create high-value solutions 

Employing a common approach to project management across Ramboll facilitates knowledge sharing and high quality service regardless of project type, size, complexity, or location. Dedicated career development and training programmes for Ramboll project managers ensures access to the most qualified expertise. For these reasons, client surveys consistently score Ramboll’s project performance as over 4 out of 5 for our expertise and ability to deliver on time. 

Develop strong and enduring relationships 

Ramboll’s project management framework is specifically designed to facilitate continual collaboration and communication between clients and the project team. Our project life cycle model and decision gate packages provide common points of reference for ongoing dialogue - from discussing the initial project plan, to following progress, to evaluating the project upon completion. This supports a full understanding of client needs and ensures a successful process and outcome.


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