Tuesday, March 9
2:00–2:45 pm EST
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About the webinar

Estimating wastewater treatment plant emissions is often a regulatory requirement for annual Toxics Release Inventory, state or permit-specific reporting, and air permit applications. To develop these estimates, as well as estimates needed for plant upgrades or decommissioning projects, models are primarily used.

Join Ramboll experts Ryan Kirkland and John Driver for a webinar focused on modeling techniques for estimating emissions from industrial wastewater treatment plant operations. The session will offer strategies for gathering data and developing accurate models for various treatment processes using site-specific parameters, including biodegradation rates. We’ll also share insights on how to prepare for a successful modeling project and overcome common challenges that can result in an inaccurate model.

A Q&A session will follow the program. 


Ryan Kirkland, PE
Senior Managing Consultant
Ryan is an industrial wastewater process engineer in Ramboll's water practice and has been modeling industrial wastewater treatment plant emissions and developing site-specific biodegradation rates for 15 years. Ryan has developed and optimized models for petroleum refineries, chemical plants and other industrial facilities and helped to develop several site-specific biodegradation rates.

John Driver, PE
Department Head, Water & Wastewater Engineering
John is the Department Head, Water & Wastewater Engineering for Ramboll in the US. He has over 25 years' experience in the design and operation of industrial wastewater treatment facilities and has executed projects throughout the US as well as abroad in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. John has significant experience in nitrification-denitrification biological treatment and project execution for the petroleum refining and steel coke industries. Additional industrial experience includes projects in the petrochemical, organic chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage and alternative fuels industries.



Ramboll has been modeling emissions for industrial wastewater treatments plants (WWTP) for more than 15 years. Our wastewater experts understand how industrial WWTPs work and how best to model the wastewater process units. We also understand the kinetics of biological treatment and how it relates to emissions from WWTPs and have conducted numerous site-specific BOX tests that often improve default biodegradation rates used in the simulators.

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