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Julia Luongo (Ramboll Shair) and Matt Holmes (formerly Groundwork Richmond) present the interactive real-time air quality map deployed as part of a California Air Resources Board Community Air Grant. The webinar walks through the functionality of the Richmond-San Pablo mapping website and introduces preliminary mapping results after one year of operation. 


Julia Luongo
Managing Director | Ramboll Shair
Dr. Julia Luongo leads Ramboll’s air quality microsensor initiative and is the founder and managing director of Ramboll Shair – an internal corporate startup venture focused on cloud-based air quality modeling. Julia has experience in both indoor and outdoor air quality science, with expertise in sensor-based ambient air quality measurement methods. Her doctoral work investigated the microbiology of indoor air and how HVAC systems affect indoor air quality and infectious disease transmission risk. Specific areas of proficiency include monitoring study design, technology assessments, emission estimation and air pollutant dispersion modeling. Julia has performed indoor air quality assessments and evaluations of ambient air monitoring and sensor technologies. She earned a PhD and MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a BS in engineering from Swarthmore College.

Matt Holmes
Community Engagement Specialist
Little Manila Rising
Formerly with Groundwork Richmond

Matt is a 'history worker' who challenges inequality by cultivating more inclusive education, advocacy and leadership dynamics that redistribute power and create opportunity for underserved communities. Matt's diverse experience has allowed him to impact once stuck dynamics into mutual purpose and create meaningful change, mostly by navigating difficult conversations with white audiences and historically white institutions. He weaves his experience as a history worker with cutting-edge data sciences and transformational environmental justice projects to close the gap between academic disciplines, the public sector and the communities they each have failed to serve.


Shair was born out of Ramboll. Harnessing Ramboll’s huge pool of knowledge and expertise, Shair brings together unique models to richly visualize air quality insight from a multitude of sources. Our mission is to create an accessible 21st century platform bringing every aspect of air quality together in real time, informing decision makers to enable them to take effective action faster, and allowing people from every walk of life to ask questions and find answers on air quality. Learn more at

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The Richmond-San Pablo air quality map is sponsored by Groundwork Richmond through an AB617 Community Air Grant and California Climate Investments and implemented by the Ramboll Shair team.