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This webinar focuses on our successful application of environmental forensics, including statistical chemical fingerprinting and weight-of-evidence evaluations, to differentiate the many ubiquitous sources of PFAS.

Ramboll experts Michael Bock and Jaana Pietari demonstrate the use of each of these methods as an integral part of PFAS source investigations. The session is facilitated by Eric Wood, also of Ramboll, who has extensive experience in many aspects of PFAS investigations and remediation. Topics include: 

  • Overview of PFAS sources
  • How differences in PFAS profiles from varying sources can be used in an environmental forensic investigation
  • Exploring and integrating multiple lines of evidence
  • Unique challenges that differentiate PFAS source investigations from traditional source investigations
  • PFAS fingerprinting case study


Michael Bock, PhD
Senior Managing Consultant

Jaana Pietari, PhD, MBA, PE
Senior Managing Consultant

Eric Wood, PHg, PG, LSP