Thursday, October 22
9:00–10:00 am EDT
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Upcoming webinars

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Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies Supporting Aquaculture 

Danish Recirculating Aquaculture System Technologies

About the webinar series

Maine is home to world-class ocean fisheries and poised for expansion into both coastal and land-based farming of shellfish, kelp and fish to supply the North American seafood market. Denmark enjoys a similar world-class fishing tradition and is a leader in equipment and technologies applied in the aquaculture industry. In this multi-part webinar series, The Danish Trade Council in North America and Ramboll are teaming up to build opportunities for innovation and collaboration between Maine and Denmark companies in the aquaculture industry.

The series will showcase experts from the US and Denmark who will share business insights and build matchmaking opportunities to create collaboration in the aquaculture industry and investment opportunities.

In our first session, Laying the Groundwork – Maine and Denmark’s Position in Aquaculture, experts from the Danish Trade Council and Ramboll will join the Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO) at Maine International Trade Center (MITC) and Fish Tech to discuss Maine's and Denmark's positions in the aquaculture market and explore opportunities for growth.


Tine Hasling Rasmussen
Commercial Advisor Food, Agriculture & Fisheries
Embassy of Denmark

Based at the Embassy of Denmark in Washington D.C., Tine covers the food, agriculture and fisheries sectors as a Commercial Advisor in The Trade Council, where she promotes Danish strongholds within the sector and supports Danish companies with their market access and growth. Tine advises Danish companies in relation to partner matching, market research, distributor/agent search, market and study visits, export strategy and business development, access to relevant government stakeholders, global public affairs, information on local framework conditions and trade policy, matchmaking/networking events, and much more.

Richard Wenning
Principal & Aquaculture Market Practice Leader
Richard is an aquatic ecologist and senior consultant at Ramboll in Portland, Maine. His client assignments are worldwide and support environmental assessment and planning activities for a wide range of coastal and offshore resource development projects. His work often includes preparing marine conservation, protection and restoration strategies for long-term environmental stewardship. For several years, his focus has been on permitting and design / planning support for construction and operation of coastal kelp and shellfish farms and land-based fish farms using recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). His understanding of the science and technology challenges have been helpful in the rapidly evolving US seafood aquaculture sector for promoting environment, social and governance (ESG) plans and sustainability goals for investors and owner/operators.

Dana Eidsness

Through her work leading MENADO, Dana leverages Maine’s transportation, economic development and knowledge resources to build networks that grow the Maine economy through trade in goods, services and innovation exchanges. Her program interfaces with other Arctic and North Atlantic-focused organizations to ensure that Maine is included in important discussions regarding North Atlantic resources, sustainable development and climate resilience.

Martin Winkel Lilleoere
Head of Fish Tech-export network
Danish Export Association
Martin is based in Silkeborg, Denmark, and has since early 2014 been working for the Danish Export – Fish Tech-export network. Martin has during this period obtained a strong knowledge about industry developments within aquaculture, fisheries and fish/shellfish processing, and has a strong network of key people within the industries. As Head of the Fish Tech-export network, Martin helps Danish member companies with their inquiries, pairs businesses for possible collaboration, organizes industry-specific business events and export promotions, and works with a great number of consultancy tasks for Danish businesses with international commercial aspects as the main focus.

Danish Trade Council in North America

The Trade Council is a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and assists Danish and international companies with export and investment promotion services. Our export promotion services include export guidance as well as innovation and internationalization solutions for Danish companies looking to expand abroad.

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Environment & Health. Water. Energy. Advanced Manufacturing. With a diverse network of engineers, designers and consultants across the Americas and around the world, Ramboll leverages local and global expertise to create sustainable, comprehensive solutions for clients.

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The Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO) was formed in 2013 as an initiative of the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) to increase trade, investment and collaborative activity between the State of Maine and markets of the North Atlantic and ensure that the state is included in important discussions regarding the Arctic region, North Atlantic resources and sustainable development. Maine International Trade Center (MITC) helps Maine businesses enter and expand global markets for their products and services. A public-private partnership, MITC is funded through Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), corporate contributions and membership dues of nearly 300 businesses and organizations.  

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Danish Fish – Tech Group

Danish Export – Fish Tech is a leading export network of nearly 100 Danish companies, who are strong suppliers of equipment and technology to the international aquaculture, fisheries and/or fish/shellfish processing industry. In the Fish Tech-export network our main focus is to promote Danish businesses abroad, encourage collaboration between companies and organizations nationally and abroad, strengthen networks among businesses within the industries, inform about projects and market opportunities, organize industry specific business events and organize export promotions abroad. Our focus is on initiating initiatives based on the member companies’ interests.

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