Water use management

Effective water use management considers the technological choices and economic balance in protecting water quantity and water quality.  Effective water use is critical to assuring sustainable activities for private and public sector clients.

Water Management



Patrick J. Campbell

PE, Director, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Americas
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Søren Hvilshøj

Søren Hvilshøj

Division Director, Water Resource Management
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Integrated Water Engineering, Science and Policy

Ramboll provides technical services covering the management of water use from regulation and policy development, water source protection and supply, and water withdrawal, to the return of water to the natural environment through discharge or run-off.

Our diverse teams of scientists and engineers cover a wide range of geographies, are well integrated with economists and regulatory specialists, and have decades of experience consulting to private and public sector clients.

We provide expertise in the following water use management services:

  • Technical Advocacy and Testimony including support of regulation and policy development or litigation
  • Water Source Protection and Water Supply focused on water scarcity concerns or aquatic life protection
  • Water Withdrawal and Sustainable Use of Water ranging from permission to operate intakes through efficient use of water
  • Water Discharge including treatment, environmental risk assessment, authorizations to discharge, and compliance evaluation

Specific service areas include:

  • Developing secure and reliable water supplies
  • Sustainable surface water, groundwater, and stormwater management plans
  • Water intake operations and protection programs
  • Water risk mapping, water auditing and water efficiency programs
  • Physical, chemical, and biological assessments of water bodies
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic and water quality modeling
  • Ecotoxicity testing (water and sediments and products)
  • Strategic planning for new facility siting or facility modifications
  • Permitting or consents to authorize discharges to water bodies or municipalities

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Taken from Google Earth- Great Lakes Area where water quality is regulated under the Great Lakes Initiative (40 CFR 132)

Implementing Water Discharge Strategies to Meet Regional Initiatives

The Great Lakes Initiative (GLI), a comprehensive plan to restore and protect the waters of the Great Lakes, sets some of the most stringent water quality standards in the US. Early planning for the significant changes to discharge limits and preparing by identifying compliance options (e.g., manufacturing modifications, source control, focused site-specific risk evaluation, engineering controls) was critical to a facility in determining investments (amount and timing).

Ramboll has an unique expertise in in-situ passive membrane treatment systems

Groundwater Improvement to Protect Wild Rice Lakes

Wild rice harvesting is an important cultural, environmental, and economic product of northern Minnesota that co-exists in an area of equally important iron mining. Concerns with protecting lakes where wild rice grows have heightened as environmental stresses (hydrological changes, disease, invasive species) challenge productivity.  Understanding options to improve groundwater quality potentially impacting wild rice lakes entails a multi-disciplinary Ramboll team working closely with the client and other stakeholders.

Our client's goal was to achieve a 10 percent reduction in water usage across all sites

Water Efficiency Auditing In Industry

Ramboll’s experience with industrial water use makes us uniquely positioned to provide the combination of investigative experience and engineering skill to assist clients in meeting water efficiency goals.

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