Water & wastewater treatment

We advise and assist public and industrial clients on a global scale with all disciplines related to water treatment; from various treatment processes ensuring high-quality drinking water to all aspects of wastewater treatment.

Improving wastewater treatment processes

Ensuring the quality of water requires constant focus on wastewater discharge and well-functioning wastewater treatment plants. Our key expertise covers process design, layout and detailed design within biological, chemical and physical wastewater treatment plant process design.

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Wastewater treatment: an undervalued driver of sustainability

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Water and Wastewater treatment at a glance

Ramboll’s more than 200 water and wastewater treatment specialists offer innovative and integrated solutions for public as well as industrial clients.

A strong foundation

More than 50 years of solid experience from the water business and strong expertise in both the private and the public sector.

The entire cycle

We embrace the entire water cycle; from initial strategic analyses over designing of master plans to planning and implementation of final solutions.


Ranked no. 6 by ENR within sewers & waste.


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