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Jeffrey Rogers

Jeffrey Rogers

PE, Americas Water Director
T: +1 315 956 6502

We have expertise across the entire water cycle from surface water, groundwater and potable water to wastewater and recycled water, to dry-weather runoff and stormwater, and find innovative solutions to how these systems can work together toward integrated, sustainable water management – an approach often referred to as “one water".

We have wide-ranging experience with a variety of project types, including design-build program management, annual services/term and basic ordering agreement (BOA) contracts, construction management, and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), and offer cutting-edge operations and maintenance (O&M) wastewater treatment services. Ramboll may be engaged for all or selected project phases (i.e., pre-phase, planning, design, construction/implementation, decommissioning, regulatory support services and permitting).

Our team includes consultants, planners, engineers, scientists, inspectors, constructors and operators as well as an in-house modeling team and laboratory staff specializing in treatability studies.

A leader in innovation

Ramboll is at the forefront of evolving methods and tools, and we have formulated a clear water innovation agenda. Our portfolio of digital products includes a sophisticated and well-proven technology for groundwater-related geophysical modeling and analysis, a patented process control monitoring system (PCM™), and an AI-powered platform for rapid filaments testing (Opseyes™); and for industrial water systems, a cost-effective sustainable alternative to the traditional control devices for the removal of volatile organic compound emissions from wastewater (VOC BioTreat™), a software-based collaboration platform building the best-case design for climate-first design (GreenScenario) and a digital Global Goals Scoreboard for in-depth sustainability project assessment.

The Ramboll Water Innovation Agenda
VOC BioTreat™
Global Goals Scoreboard

Strong regional presence in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions 

Ramboll water has a strong physical presence in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, including several focused expertise hubs: a laboratory dedicated to industrial wastewater management and treatment in Tennessee, a facility for advanced drinking water treatment technologies (including SIXTM technology) in Florida and a niche hub for geophysical groundwater modeling and analysis in California.  

Combining local insight with global knowledge

Our local water team is part of a global group of more than 1,000 water consultants and specialists. In collaboration with our more than 16,000 colleagues from all over the world, we combine local experience with a global knowledgebase to create sustainable cities and societies and combine insights with the power to drive positive change to our clients, in the form of ideas that can be realized and implemented. We call it: Bright ideas. Sustainable change. 

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Water market

Working with municipalities, utilities and industrial clients we draw on proven multidisciplinary expertise to manage the most challenging water resources, wastewater and stormwater issues.

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Real-world PFAS solutions

Helping clients reduce PFAS risks and liabilities around the world for over 20 years, we take a holistic approach to understanding and reducing PFAS discharges, working across the project lifecycle – from planning, permitting and treatability evaluations to engineering and treatment plant construction through operations and maintenance.

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Spotsylvania County wastewater management

Comprehensive wastewater management program is meeting needs of a growing community and stricter treatment requirements

For over two decades, Ramboll has been a partner to Spotsylvania County in implementing cost-effective solutions to optimize operations and improve quality of water for the community.

US Military Academy at West Point, New York

Wastewater treatment upgrades at West Point to meet future needs and net-zero energy goals

Ramboll developed sustainable solutions for the US Military Academy at West Point, collaborating with the owner / operator and its contractor for the first phase of design through construction.

City of Ithaca, NY Water Treatment Plant

Saving energy and enhancing reliability of the water supply in Ithaca, NY

The new water treatment plant uses modern filtration technology to save energy, while ensuring a safe and reliable water supply for the region.

DC Water Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

The largest advanced wastewater treatment plant

The impressive facility is among the largest advanced wastewater treatment plants in the world, providing over 320 tons of dried biosolids daily that are beneficially reused by the community.

Simultaneous decontamination and demolition program in support of leading-edge development of biologics manufacturing

The program demolished 50 buildings, renovated and repurposed over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space and made significant modifications to the site’s infrastructure.

Monroe County Water Authority Eastside Water Supply Project

Thinking deeper to provide clean water

The project successfully provided for the delivery of safe and reliable drinking water to the region, as well as energy conservation through savings of more than one megawatt of energy pumping.

Site Location

Water supply risk analysis for data centre expansion

Water used for cooling operations is critical to data center management. A multi-disciplinary team evaluated the security of alternative future water supplies given different jurisdictions, drought restrictions, and local trends in climate and economic growth.

Infusing sustainability into hurricane-damaged property

As part of the revival of the city of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Ramboll worked with architects and developers to transform contaminated industrial riverfront property to outdoor recreational space within an urban area for low- to-moderate income communities in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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