Landscape architecture

The challenges of creating attractive outdoor environments have become more pronounced with increased urbanisation. Ramboll landscape designers create environments that contribute to people’s well-being, increase our appreciation of nature, and preserve cultural heritage. We do this by planning and designing outdoor and public spaces that both enhance the surrounding environment and ensure public enjoyment.

Mechelin Bridge in Jätkäsaari


Lars Jarle Nore

Lars Jarle Nore

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Peter Heymann Andersen

Peter Heymann Andersen

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Our landscape designers have experience in all stages of the design process, from pre-surveys to complete implementation plans. We get involved in civil engineering and infrastructure projects at an early stage to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. We provide analyses and assist with site surveys, configuration, and environmental impact assessments. We have extensive experience with transport infrastructure projects, including roads, railways, and ports. By getting involved as early in the process as possible, we can help ensure that the infrastructure is integrated with the surrounding environment.

Social, aesthetic and ecological aspects

Sustainable development is an increasingly important focus of urban renewal. Ramboll’s team of landscape architects, landscape designers and urban planners work in an interdisciplinary way to achieve functional and beautiful designs that are sustainable on a social, ecological and economic level.

Landscape architecture is about designing outdoor and public spaces for a specific purpose, whether it’s social, aesthetic, or ecological. We are dedicated to creating environments that encourage people to make sustainable lifestyle choices. Sustainable cities and areas are planned with minute considerations of their environmental impact.

All-encompassing experience

Landscaping includes planning and design for infrastructure and transport developments, residential and mixed-use areas, offices, hospitals, schools and other public spaces, as well as major industrial sites. Landscape architects are involved in projects from the earliest stage design studies, throughout the planning process, to construction and management plans, covering everything from broad landscape concept designs to small-scale landscape detailing. Our projects all have an environmental focus based on consideration of alternative solutions and assessment of the environmental impact of the design.

Ramboll has approx. 120 employees working within the architecture and landscaping area, the majority of whom are located in the Nordic countries and Estonia.

Areas of expertise

Landscape Design and Planning is driven by human, technical, and ecological factors.
Typical commissions

  • Landscape integration (road, railways, bridges and tunnels, landscape reclamation, water constructions)
  • Urban environment integration (residential areas, offices and industries, gardens, parks and green belts, pedestrian areas, cemeteries, design programs)
  • Recreational planning (camping resorts, recreation areas, marinas, preservation areas)
  • Physical planning (planning programs, master plans, landscape analyses, impact studies)

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Photo: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl Singapore

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Bishan Park is one of the most popular parks in the heartlands of Singapore. As part of a much-needed park upgrade and plans to improve the capacity of the Kallang channel along the edge of the park, works were carried out simultaneously to transform the utilitarian concrete channel into a naturalised river.

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