Architecture plays a central role in shaping cityscapes and is concerned with the creation of buildings that are practical, smart and sustainable whilst complementing the surrounding built environment. A successful architectural design maximises a building’s functional performance.

Sandvikboder in Norway


Lars Jarle Nore

Lars Jarle Nore

Business Area Manager, Architecture
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Lars Ostenfeld Riemann

Executive Director, Buildings & Aviation Global Division Director
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Outstanding building design depends first and foremost on a deep understanding of the intended function of the building and how the function can be enhanced to deliver maximum value for the users. At the same time, the context of the place must be taken into account including the surrounding environment, buildings and infrastructure. In any design, the human experience must be central in informing the architectural solution.

A complete architecture service

By combining architectural visions with world class multidisciplinary engineering and interior design expertise, Ramboll provides holistic, innovative and sustainable buildings. Our architects are focused on realising clients’ ambitions and meeting the needs of users and the wider community.

Ramboll’s end-to-end service covers the entire development process from initial ideas, analyses and programming, through to design and construction, right up to the handover and operation of the finished building.

Ramboll’s extensive experience covers all types of new and existing buildings including schools, hospitals, arts & culture, residential and commercial buildings.

Advanced sustainability services

Sustainability concerns the creation of buildings that are energy efficient, cost effective and enduring. In the context of rising energy prices and building user demands for environmentally friendly homes, offices, and facilities, sustainability makes good business sense.

A common approach to sustainability is to ensure that individual buildings are carbon neutral and energy supply is central to achieving this. Rather than looking at each building plot individually, it is more efficient to share investments among several building owners and take advantage of heat sources such as district heating where it is available.

Ramboll has extensive global experience in developing sustainable technical design solutions for powering, heating and cooling buildings. In addition, Ramboll’s building experts can create bespoke sustainability strategies or certification according to a wide range of international standards.

Environmental accreditation schemes, number of licensed assessors

2013   2014   2015 
24 34 38 BREEAM
16 16 28 LEED 
10 10 20 Miljöbyggnad
8 8 9 Cert. Energy Expert
6 5 7 DGNB
3 3 4 CSH
3 0 1 OCDEA
1 3 4 EPC
0 0 0 GRIHA
- 5 6 GSAS
- - 1 Green Star
- - 1 GMM
- - 10 BEAM Prof.
- - 1 Envision
- - 2 CEM
- - 2 FiGBC
- 12 - IES
78 105 138 Total

Environmental accreditation schemes
covering different themes in relation
to buildings ad communities


Norway's largest dairy

Ramboll has been the architect for the 25,000m2 dairy in Jæren in the county of Rogaland. Not only is the new dairy Norway's largest, but it is also one of the most advanced in Europe.

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