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Two thirds of the world’s population are predicted to live in cities by 2050 and according to the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity 60% of the urban areas expected to be developed by 2030 that have not yet been built.

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In response to these trends, Ramboll employs a holistic approach to urban development that encompasses strategy, planning, and world class technical design services and is based on an integrated multidisciplinary skills base. We have an extensive track record working with a number of the world’s largest cities to create liveable, sustainable, implementable and long term urban development solutions that are fully adapted to the local context.

The development of sustainable urban solutions has been part of Ramboll’s DNA since the company’s foundation 70 years ago. Our philosophy is to always plan and design for people and we pride ourselves on creating technically excellent solutions that promote improved quality of life.

A holistic approach to urban liveability

To achieve liveable solutions, Ramboll’s holistic and integrated urban planning model encapsulates the environmental, social, economic, and physical aspects of a city - rather than treating each element of the urban environment, such as water or transport infrastructure, in isolation.

We recognise a market need for an all-encompassing service provider that can offer independent guidance and practical support at every level of the urban development process. Our comprehensive offering covers:
  • Strategy – We create the framework for exploring and identifying benefits, needs and long term focus areas through our management competencies in governance, policy making, socio-economics, and stakeholder management
  • Planning – Our ability to transform innovative ideas into pragmatic, implementable proposals is borne out of an extensive record on urban master planning projects worldwide
  • Detailed design – We help to realise liveable solutions by drawing on our world class technical expertise within areas such as transport infrastructure, water and energy, sustainable buildings, architecture, urban landscaping and design

Tailored and implementable solutions

We understand that there are no ‘one size fits all’ answers to achieving liveability and we therefore develop solutions that are fully adapted to the local context to ensure local ownership and long term success.

In addition, we are strongly focused on developing implementable master plans that are both tangible and cost-effective.

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Aerial photo of Nordhavnen, Copenhagen

Nordhavnen - international role model for sustainable urban development

With its unique positioning and an area covering the size of 625 football grounds, Nordhavnen (or Nordhavn) in Copenhagen, Denmark, is Scandinavia's largest and most ambitious city development project for the time being. The overriding vision for Nordhavnen is to become the sustainable city of the future.

Photo: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl Singapore

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Bishan Park is one of the most popular parks in the heartlands of Singapore. As part of a much-needed park upgrade and plans to improve the capacity of the Kallang channel along the edge of the park, works were carried out simultaneously to transform the utilitarian concrete channel into a naturalised river.

Copenhagen skyline, Denmark

Copenhagen carbon neutral by 2025

In December 2009, the eyes of the world were upon Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference. COP 15 was a unique display window for Danish climate solutions and sustainable initiatives. One of these was the vision for Copenhagen to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Jurong Eco Garden, Singapore

Jurong Eco Garden

Envisioned to be the first business park set in a tropical rainforest, Jurong Eco Garden plays an important role in spear-heading Singapore's efforts to become a leader in the global thrust, towards sustainability. It spans over a 50 hectares site, with a 5 hectares green core situated at its heart. Designed to be its lungs, the green core provides a place of respite for both the human inhabitants as well as the ecology of the site.

Potsdamer Plaza

Potsdamer Plaza

The iconic Potsdamer Platz bridges the scar left by the wall between East and West Berlin. A veil of shallow flow-steps create a rhythmic surface of shimmering waves, providing multiple opportunities for people to cross and interact with the water. This urban waterscape has contributed to making Potsdamer Platz one of the most visited places in Berlin.


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