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We assist our clients on their most challenging tasks of today and help them be fit for the future.


Markus Diederich

Markus Diederich

Managing Director, Management Consulting
T: +45 51612647
Dr. Astrid Könönen

Dr. Astrid Könönen

Country Market Director
T: +49 40 302020-109

Morten Skodbo

T: +47 4899 7956

Xavier Le Den

Market Director, Strategic Sustainability Consulting
T: +32 497 89 83 58

With 500 experts we provide our clients with precisely the knowledge and services they need. We deliver both stand-alone services as well as the complete transformational approach by our multi-disciplinary services. Whatever the challenge, our services rest on tried and tested methods.

If you are looking to engage with us, you should know that what sets us apart from the rest is our Ramboll legacy and our ability to source additional sector expertise to our teams, e.g. within energy, transport, buildings, water, urban planning or environment and health. 15.000 colleagues in the Ramboll Group form this global knowledge pool.

Sustainable society consultants

We strive to be the consultancy that best equip our clients to address the most transformational megatrends in an increasingly global world; like digitalisation, mobility, liveability, climate change, and sustainability. 

Our mission is to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. This is our driving force and the reason why nearly 40% of our revenue stems from projects that in one way or the other help progress the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And we are pushing for more.

In our client work we draw on our Nordic heritage. A dialogic and holistic approach to consulting. This also means that we are world experts in consulting to create cohesive societies based on the Scandinavian welfare model.

In a local market

Buying consultancy services is often about finding the people who can distil global knowledge, apply proven concepts and deliver those in a local context. We are just that.

Serving clients from offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki we know the local societal and legislative infrastructure of each country from a European level, to national, regional, city and institutional level. As a result, we not only consult businesses, we are also sought after for our best-in-class services on public sector development.

Selected publications

Business Technology and Digitalisation – IT in Practice 2017-2018

IT in Practice is the most significant report on digitalisation within Danish public and private organisations. Read more and get the report here.

Implementation Study

Get the knowledge and practical tools to manage the complexity of policy implementation. This white paper provides you with step-by-step methods that enables you to accomplish efficient implementation. Download the white paper here.

Inspirational projects

Customer satisfaction surveys

Ramboll has conducted 60,000 yearly interviews for Danish telephone operator, TDC. The insights from the interviews can create benchmarks, long-term customer relations and strong financial results. Learn more about our findings here.

Addressing climate change in New York City

New York is inspired by the scale of Copenhagen’s blue-green infrastructure. The city’s department of environmental protection has selected Ramboll to analyse whether similar solutions can also pay off in the biggest city in the US. Read more about the project here.


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