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Changing workplace environments and overlapping regulatory programmes with inconsistent exposure guidelines generate complex occupational health challenges for employers. Ramboll’s occupational health and safety experts deliver scientifically based, pragmatic solutions that help our clients respond to health and safety concerns and provide a safe workplace.

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Michael Tans

Michael Tans

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Uncertainties about healthy workplace practices and compliance concerns can interfere with worker performance and, thus, business success. Our internationally recognised approaches for monitoring worker safety, simulating workplace exposures and evaluating causation of specific health effects yield definitive answers that inform sound solutions – so that teams can focus confidently on their work.

Our occupational health and safety consultants have expertise in industrial hygiene, health and safety programme reviews, worker health studies/epidemiology and toxicology. We are skilled in communicating clearly to workers in diverse workplace environments and presenting effectively in regulatory, litigation and public settings.

We provide responsive testing programmes that rapidly address questions about chemical exposures in the workplace and comprehensive reviews of worker health profiles that span decades. Our compliance experience includes programs around the world. Our evaluations of sources and potential causes of health effects have addressed a broad cross-section of substances, including asbestos, talc, solvents, metals, pesticides and PCBs.

We monitor regulatory developments and updates around the world and provide insights on how to monitor and demonstrate worker safety, update EH&S programs, and respond to current and historical workplace safety challenges.

Our specific services include:

  • Industrial hygiene monitoring and facility audits and re-creating and monitoring historical exposure conditions in our testing chambers
  • Applied epidemiology for reviewing the experience of worker populations from a facility or industry and for designing and implementing prospective worker health monitoring programs
  • Auditing Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) programmes and designing updated approaches to help integrate groups that previously operated with separate and differing systems
  • Investigating causes of worker health complaints, including chemical sources, microbial growth and emissions from building materials


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