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Ramboll is a leader in environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) and planning. We apply an enviable blend of global experience and technical rigor to deliver accurate and effective results that meet the highest national and international standards.

Ramboll Environment & Health: Impact Assessment

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Mikkel Benthien Kristensen

Mikkel Benthien Kristensen

Senior Market Manager, Global Service Line Leader - Impact Assessment
T: +45 51618321

We deliver our clients’ visions, while enhancing the environmental credentials and sustainable performance of their developments and their reputations in the process.

Our experience spans a diverse range of sectors, such as commercial and residential real estate, urban and regional planning, industry, infrastructure, mining and mineral processing, waste, power generation and renewables, and oil and gas exploration and production. We are recognised in the international project finance (IF) community for meeting the demands of international agencies and lending institutions. International, regional and local clients in the public and private sectors rely on our ability to draw on expertise across a broad range of environmental, social, economic and technical disciplines throughout the firm as a key factor in delivering success in this demanding area.

We bring the following value-added aspects to this complex process:

  • Clear understanding of the complex processes, standards and legislation underpinning EIA projects nationally and ESIA projects internationally
  • Robust management of the often conflicting demands of clients, funders, government agencies, communities and other stakeholders
  • Ability to mobilise local resources and expertise to ensure local relevance and realise the project’s socioeconomic benefits
  • Technical excellence in delivering and transferring best practice
  • Solid commercial underpinning, which delivers value through enhanced client reputation, flexibility and certainty of outcome
  • Credibility, objectivity and authority critical to commanding the respect of stakeholders, environmental groups and the international community
  • Constructive dialogue with regulatory authorities to ensure an appropriate scope and focus, to facilitate the permitting process and minimise delays and cost
  • Public participation to strengthen projects and reduce potential impacts, including public consultation meetings to involve local residents and non-governmental organizations
  • Improving bankability of projects seeking lender funding through a detailed understanding of lender requirements


  • Project feasibility assessments
  • Site and route alternatives analysis
  • Environmental impact identification (ENVIID) studies
  • ESIA strategy and planning
  • Stakeholder engagement planning and support
  • Scoping
  • Environmental, social and health impact assessments (ESHIA)
  • Equator Principles (EP) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards compliance
  • Biodiversity action plan development and implementation
  • Environmental and social management system (ESMS) development and implementation


  • Biodiversity assessment
  • Coastal and marine biology
  • Cultural heritage assessment
  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Ecosystem services
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment
  • Noise impact assessment
  • Point source and regional air pollution dispersion modelling and assessment
  • Transport planning
  • Waste management
  • Water resources, including water quality, watershed studies, flood risk assessment and drainage design
  • Community health, safety and security assessment
  • Indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities
  • Labor and working conditions
  • Physical and economic displacement and resettlement
  • Socio-economic and socio-cultural assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Trans-boundary impact assessment
  • Cumulative impact assessment
  • GIS masterplanning

Clients rely on our ability to deliver projects efficiently and credibly. Our combination of independence, technical rigor, expertise and experience give stakeholders confidence in the accuracy and effectiveness of the ESIA conclusions, recommendations and subsequent management plans. Our expertise and capacity position us to provide support well beyond submission of the ESIA report.

International Finance

Ramboll’s International Finance (IF) practitioners provide environmental and social impact and management expertise to project developers or lenders on major international developments – including infrastructure, thermal and renewable energy, mining, and oil and natural gas projects. The social and environmental challenges associated with major international projects can be highly complex, and for linear developments such as pipelines, telecommunications cables, major roads and power transmission lines, these challenges are frequently compounded by the need to cross international borders.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the host country, projects seeking international financing must also meet relevant lender standards such as the Equator Principles, the IFC Performance Standards and other IFI requirements such as the OECD Common Approaches. Whether working on behalf of financial institutions or project developers, we help define and manage reputational risks, and identify and manage environmental and social challenges.

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