Risk assessment & community health

Questions about environmental impacts can derail facility expansion, create challenges for demonstrating and communicating safety to workers and the surrounding community, and impede the transfer and redevelopment of property. Ramboll helps clients resolve questions about historical releases, waste disposal and appropriate site clean-up approaches. 

Ramboll Environment & Health: Environmental and Community Risk Assesment

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Rosalind A. Schoof

Health Sciences - Risk assessment & community health
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Environmental impacts and their implications are complicated, particularly from the perspective of a surrounding community. Our health scientists have expertise in exposure assessment, specialized dose-response evaluations, risk characterization and risk communication. Our focus on comprehensive evaluations and clear communication lets us explain how environmental conditions can be managed safely.

Impacts to soil, water and sediment affect environmental conditions, and airborne transport or vapor intrusion can affect indoor environments. Our risk assessment approaches address multiple stressors and multiple exposure pathways at the facility or community scale. Our health impact assessment approaches integrate information on both chemical and non-chemical stressors.

Our assessments address communities around mining and ore processing facilities and individual offices in buildings where we are monitoring vapor intrusion. We prepare the specialized dose-response characterizations and modelling needed for emerging chemicals.

We conduct risk assessments as part of site investigation and cleanup and to document how planned facility expansions and redevelopment in communities can be managed to control potential health risks. Our specific services include:

  • Human health risk assessments for US (Superfund, RCRA and state) and international program site investigations and risk-based comparisons to demonstrate feasible clean-up approaches
  • Inhalation risk assessments addressing multiple agency requirements regarding vapor intrusion in the workplace and community exposure limits
  • Development of toxicity characterizations that incorporate current scientific approaches for specialized circumstances, such as non-linear dose extrapolation and benchmark dose computation
  • Community-scale health impact assessment and documentation of stressors related to community health and wellness 

Community Health Assessment

Ramboll’s team of recognized and experienced epidemiologists works closely with our other health sciences professionals, including experts in toxicology and risk assessment, exposure science and chronic and infectious diseases.

We offer baseline community health assessments; scenario analysis to compare health improvement impact and cost of competing initiatives; and monitoring of impacts of implemented measures.


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