Weight monitoring

Weight estimation and weight monitoring are essential for floating production units and offshore platforms. Weights and their distribution need to be carefully monitored to avoid stability problems and overutilisation. Weight monitoring safeguards the integrity of a facility throughout its lifetime.

Weight monitoring


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Advanced weight monitoring system

In response to market demands for an efficient weight monitoring tool for topsides, Ramboll offers an advanced and proven weight monitoring service, known as ‘MON’, which tracks weight distribution by monitoring and controlling weights, loads and CoG. MON has been widely applied in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea since the 1990s.

Our weight monitoring and weight estimation services comprise:

  • Monitoring of topsides weight and load distribution in the operational phase
  • Monitoring of topsides weight in the design, fabrication, load-out, tow-out, launch, installation, displacement, ballasting and decommissioning phases
  • Technical and user support for MON
  • Advisory services within weight monitoring
  • Weight and cost estimation

Preventing stability issues and overutilisation

MON provides details of weight and centre of gravity for all types of offshore structure at any stage of its life cycle. This provides our clients with inexpensive insurance against stability problems and structural overutilisation.

MON is a stand-alone and user-friendly access database system that generates reports on loads for every defined support point, including all large equipment and bridges – which can be used for structural analysis or re-analysis. MON can also feed into client’s reporting systems.

Weight estimation in the design phase

In addition to weight monitoring in the operational phase, MON can be applied in the design phase to keep track of topsides weights and weight distribution as the project concept materialises into specifications. This type of weight estimation serves to prevent budget overruns and time delays.

MON follows industry standards and tracks weight details for all project phases from detailed design to fabrication, installation, operation and decommissioning.

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