Industrial energy

Increased energy efficiency and the reduction of negative environmental impacts go hand in hand. And the smartest solutions need not have negative impacts on comfort or profits.

In our energy efficiency consultancy, we consider the technical, institutional, financial and social aspects of improving energy production, transmission, distribution and use.

Industrial Energy


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Process and energy optimisation

To industry, which consumes all types of energy on a large scale, energy efficient designs of process and supply facilities, including the correct dimensioning of electrical installations, are of vital importance for the business’ competitiveness, both in relation to price and sustainability as well as for the company’s image.

Ramboll’s energy optimisation services in the process and electricity fields encompass both industrial processes and the surrounding supply functions – “utilities”. We deliver knowledge and innovation, we draw up and present fundamental consequence analyses, and, together with the client, we find the right solution when it comes to cost and energy consumption.

Energy demand management

Energy demand management in industrial companies is an effective tool for reducing energy consumption and cost and for curbing the climate impact of private companies. A comprehensive and holistic approach to the company’s energy consumption ensures that the general policies and goals for the area are taken into account.

Strategic energy demand management

Ramboll assists companies by uncovering strategic advantages of strengthening their energy demand management. Through a dialogue with management and employees we help discover the potential to reduce energy-related costs. Furthermore, a clear energy and climate strategy improves the company’s green profile in the eyes of clients and business partners.

Anchoring energy demand management

Ramboll assists companies by uncovering strengths and weaknesses in the organisation with regard to energy management. We map formal and informal structures and on the basis of this, we draw up proposals for how the energy demand management can be anchored firmly in the existing organisation. This way, all central areas of responsibility are placed with the employees that have the skills required to handle the tasks.

Energy management tools and routines

Ramboll offers services in developing and adapting tools and routines for companies to support their business.

A central tool is energy management, which ensures an ongoing collection and analysis of data of the energy consumption in the different departments. Ramboll assists by mapping the need for data and makes hardware and software recommendations for continuous monitoring. We can also offer a tool that ensures that all new projects are optimised from energy efficient and financial viewpoints.

Manageable action plans

Action plans are vital tools for communicating to management and to secure progress. Ramboll assists companies by developing a format for action plans that is manageable and effective for the individual company.

International experience

We have international experience working with energy efficiency strategies and projects for national and local authorities, utilities and industries in more than 20 countries.


We offer the following services:

  • Designing and developing overall technical solutions, including production, transmission, distribution and end-use
  • Project management
  • Preparing energy saving policies and strategies for national and local authorities 
  • Calculating the impact of energy efficiency measures 
  • Developing information campaigns on saving energy 
  • Investigating potential barriers to saving energy 
  • Contributing to a better understanding of and assisting in the implementation of the EU energy efficiency policy 
  • Energy efficiency in industrial processes


Copenhagen university, south campus

Implementation of an energy management system at University of Copenhagen

Following a policy of efficiency improvement the University of Copenhagen (UC) decided to develop a policy and a strategy for energy efficiency improvement.

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