Globally, there is a general push towards renewables, although conventional energy will continue to play a significant role in the energy mix in the coming years. As a consultancy, Ramboll is at the forefront of addressing the green transition and offers a holistic approach to energy that supports the sector on the journey towards more sustainable solutions.

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Kevin Bryant

PE, Americas Market Director, Energy
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We focus on energy planning and resiliency, microgrids and storage, utilities and infrastructure, offshore wind, power generation and thermal energy systems, district energy, offshore wind and waste-to-energy. We are working with industrial clients, organizations and municipalities across the region to increase energy efficiency and implement sustainable energy development projects and develop district heating and cooling systems.


Shaping the future of energy

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City University of New York

Comprehensive energy master plan focused on $30 million reduction in energy spending

Ramboll developed a comprehensive climate action plan for The City University of New York, the largest public urban university in the US.

Advanced battery manufacturing facility

Manufacturing scale-up focused on power reliability and resiliency

Ramboll converted a former gas turbine manufacturing plant to a state-of-the-art R&D and advanced battery manufacturing facility.

Maui High Performance Computing Center

Air Force pilots new energy storage system

The project is providing the US Department of Defense with details of broad-scale capability in providing power quality enhancement, reducing cost of operations, and assuring access to energy for high-demand or challenged operations at installations worldwide.


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