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Manufacturing is a key driver in the Global economy – it creates the things we need to live, work and play in advanced societies. We have the expertise to help clients realise efficient, reliable, safe and compliant production facilities.

Vestas Blade Technology Centre


Ramboll. Paul Swainson. Image: Paulina Sobczak Photography

Paul Swainson

Director, Buildings and Industrial lead
T: +44 7423 474 855
Martin Bissell. Ramboll

Martin Bissell

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Respected partner 

The industrial sector is rapidly evolving. Scientific research, new technologies and geo-economic/geo-political change create opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies that embrace evolution with intelligence. Ramboll is a respected partner in this evolution. We embrace the latest technological and production innovation to design and deliver world-class industrial facilities that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. To understand this better please, refer to Digital Design and Offsite Construction.

Technical expertise – global reach 

We have a deep understanding of the engineering design of industrial facilities together with construction and procurement strategies and regulatory environments in widespread geographies. Our global reach allows us to marry this expertise with local knowledge. Our people work seamlessly together to develop the most efficient, cost-effective and safe factory solutions that are completely aligned with the process engineering and operational requirements, the client’s investment and sustainability objectives, as well as the relevant permitting and compliance environment. 

Lifecycle consultants 

In addition to providing site and asset due diligence at the beginning and end of the life of a facility, our environment and health experts manage regulatory compliance and occupational health and safety through its life. As products and production evolve, we work with our clients to evolve buildings and services to align with the new processes. We aim to be true whole life partners for industrial development. 

Industry consultancy around the world 

Ramboll has an enviable track record in designing and building production facilities for industrial clients in Russia, Eastern and Southern Europe as well as in South-East Asia and Central America. Typically, Ramboll is the turnkey consultant, handling site selection, the factory and infrastructure design and permitting, cost management and tendering, construction supervision, commissioning and handover. 


Bestseller logistics centre

Integrated industry consultancy in BESTSELLER project

The BESTSELLER group builds a new 50,000 m2 logistics center near Haderslev in Southern Denmark to handle the distribution of BESTSELLER products for all of Europe. The project is Ramboll’s first fully integrated industry project where stock logistics, project and construction management, tender documents  for machinery, building and facility design, as well as sustainability are unified in one project.

Vestas Blade Technology Centre, Isle of Wight

Vestas Blade Technology Centre

The world leader in the offshore wind industry, Vestas was looking to create an R&D facility to prototype and test its new wind turbine design. With 80m long blades, the V164 turbine is a huge leap in wind technology. Each turbine is set to generate...

Ramboll. Wind turbine mould. Image courtesy of Siemens.

Siemens Green Port Hull

Siemens Green Port Hull is providing a huge boost to the UK’s offshore wind industry and the Humber region. The site was a much anticipated £160 million investment into wind turbine production and installation facilities in Yorkshire.

Sleaford renewable plant

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant is the UK's second commercial straw-burning power plant near Sleaford in Lincolnshire. The 38MW commercial straw-burning power facility generates enough electricity to power 65,000 homes using sustainable fuel sources...

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