Ramboll is one of the largest architectural practices in the Nordic countries and forth largest in Europe with close to 800 experts. We offer analysis, area planning, landscape design, architectural design and detailing with an integrated and holistic multidisciplinary approach.

Erhversinstitute Aarhus


Lars Jarle Nore

Lars Jarle Nore

Business Area Manager, Architecture
T: +47 93 23 22 41

Kari Hovin Kjølle

Department Manager
T: +47 932 06 805

Siri Legernes

Division manager, Architecture and Spatial Planning
T: +47 404 58 424

Elina Kalliala

Project Manager, Landscape design
T: +358 50 511 1866
Mohamed Abbas Abdellatif

Mohamed Abbas Abdellatif

Architect, Landscape Architect, Authority Cordinator, Dubai
T: +971 (055) 4408849

Building users are always at the heart of our architectural designs. Empathy, innovation and sustainability are therefore the main drivers behind our visionary solutions. 

Creative and comprehensive service 

Ramboll's architects work in a creative, multidisciplinary environment. We have extensive experience in the total building process from initial ideas, analyses and programming, through design development and construction, right up to the handover and operation of the finished building. 

We help our clients to realise their ambitions by providing a complete service combining architectural, interior, and landscape design specialists with multidisciplinary engineering expertise. Our fully integrated and optimised designs ensure that all functional, aesthetic and sustainability requirements are met. 

Combining local knowledge with global expertise 

Through our extensive office network we have a good understanding of the local context of our projects and can work closely with our clients and other key stakeholders. 

Our experience covers both new and existing buildings and varies from simple remodelling and extensions to large complex facilities. We also work with a wide range of sectors including residential buildings, offices, schools, arts & culture and healthcare buildings.  

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The marriage of form and function

Effective collaboration between architects and engineers can reduce critical errors, long delays and cost overruns throughout the building process. Read the article here.


Husnes music and culture center

The extension of the culture school is placed neighbouring the existing culture house in Husnes, Norway.

Novo Nordisk OLP Launch Facility

Novo Nordisk A/S, OLP Launch Facility - Tablet Production

Rambøll Denmark A/S was appointed by Novo Nordisk A/S for the design of a new production facility which will deliver the world’s first protein tablet to the global market.

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