With salaries typically representing 85% of a businesses’ costs, high employee productivity is essential. Ramboll has extensive experience creating attractive, lettable office spaces that promote employee wellbeing and motivation.

Ramboll Head Office


Bjarke Curtz Jansen

Bjarke Curtz Jansen

Senior Director, Private & Public Buildings, East Denmark
T: +45 5161 6177
Lars Jarle Nore

Lars Jarle Nore

Business Area Manager, Architecture
T: +47 93 23 22 41
Mark Nevill. Ramboll

Mark Nevill

Project Director, Commercial Offices Lead
T: +44 7775 001 547

The look and feel an office building is an integral part of a company’s identity. Creating office environments that attract and inspire workers are therefore sound investments for businesses and building owners. 

Creating attractive work environments 

Our philosophy for commercial buildings is to place user needs first by designing workplaces that optimise indoor climate, maximise sunlight, whilst making room for human interaction and collaboration. 

Our building strategies enable tightly programmed construction on complex sites. Our designs respond to market needs and evolving construction technology. 

Optimised and commercially viable office buildings 

We understand the relationship between a building’s structure and services. Combining advanced analytical tools with a complete palate of technical expertise, our integrated approach optimises offices buildings. For instance, by incorporating low energy systems, and maximising lettable floor area.  

Improving efficiency and productivity with smart technology 

We are also experienced in applying smart technology in commercial buildings to increase energy efficiency, reduce overheads, and enhance work environments. Examples include implementing smart lighting that becomes warmer or cooler depending on the time of day and an employee’s personal preferences. Such environmental technology affects the production of melatonin in staff, which studies have shown increases productivity.


Ramboll head office

The Ramboll Head Office

The vision for Ramboll’s Head Office is to become a holistic and sustainable reference project. Therefore the Head Office project group in close co-operation with Ramboll's most experienced specialist in the field of sustainability implemented as many sustainable solutions in the project as possible. 

Nordea's headquarter

New state of the art headquarters for Nordea

The new building, which will be adjacent to the headquarters of Denmark's Radio and Copenhagen's Concert Hall, is designed by Henning Larsen Architects. Covering a 46,000 m² area with a 10,000 m² basement and the possibility of extending up to a total of 70,000 m², the building will accommodate between 1800 and 2200 employees.

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