A hospital is not just a building but a place to heal. We use everything from engineering, IT and design expertise to build and refurbish inspiring hospitals.

North Zealand Hospital

A hospital made for the patients

The shape of the new hospital in Hillerød, Denmark, optimizes well-being for patients and employees with maximum daylight intake and a view to the greenery. Ramboll engineering enables this unconventional architecture.

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Penetrations through the precast slab

We cracked it! Refurbishing a pharma production facility

How do you refurbish a pharma production facility without removing the process equipment? You work around it with surgical precision.

Credit: SARC Architects

When structures have a healing effect

People are discovering that colour, art, music and access to nature are more than mere luxuries for the senses. Sense-stimulating hospital architecture is gradually gaining ground as research confirms that our physical surroundings can have positive effects on our health and well-being.

Hospitals at a glance

Ramboll’s hospitals specialists provide buildings, information technology and consultancy expertise to design and refurbish inspiring hospitals. They are supported by 4000 buildings experts, offering advice on all aspects of building projects worldwide.

The University Hospital in Aarhus

The largest hospital project in Northern Europe is The New University hospital in Aarhus, where the hospital site will end up being the size of a provincial town - about 500,000 m2.

New Karolinska Hospital

New Karolinska Hospital is the largest hospital currently under construction in Europe. It will have 900 beds and 10.700 rooms.

Pioneering Healthcare Facilities

Alder Hey is Europe’s only hospital in a park. Thus, it will provide a pleasant healing environment for children and young people.


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