Burbo Bank offshore wind farm

Ramboll has designed more offshore wind turbine foundations than any other company in the world due to our 30 years' experience with anchoring oil and gas rigs at sea. We have also been involved in the Burbo Bank wind farm project offshore the UK.

Germany as one wind farm - database with all onshore wind turbines

Creation of a unique database which provides important reference data for all onshore wind farm projects, enabling fast and reliable energy processing of yield estimations and assessments in Germany.

SPIC Binhai North H2 Offshore Wind Farm

Ramboll is the first non-Chinese company to design a 400 MW wind farm in China, which will be among the country’s largest.

Fakken Wind Farm

Troms Kraft Produksjon AS has for decades been a major player within hydroelectric power production in Northern Norway. Their experience and focus on renewable energy has made it obvious for them to look into a role also within wind power production.

North Hesse onshore wind

Examining the potential for wind energy in central Germany.

Hundhammerfjellet wind farm

Hundhammerfjellet Wind Farm is established as a wind farm for developing wind turbine technology relevant in very rough climate conditions, especially high wind speeds and turbulence. The developer is a Norwegian power company, NTE AS, and the turbine manufacturer is ScanWind Group AS, now part of General Electric (GE).

Høg-Jæren Energy Park

Ramboll has been working on the establishment of Høg-Jæren Energy Park, the first wind power project of many to come in this part of Norway.

Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm

British Greater Gabbard will be the first offshore wind farm to be located on more than 30 metres of water. Ramboll will perform individualised foundation design for the 500 MW, 140 turbines project.

Bracing offshore wind farms for extreme conditions

Designing offshore wind farms that can resist strong currents, heavy wind, powerful waves and rapid erosion is no walk in the park. Ramboll is currently shaping two new wind parks with monopile foundations off the French coast that can withstand the harsh conditions and provide renewable and cleaner electricity.

Raskiftet Wind Farm: Investor relies on BBB and Ramboll during project acquisition and implementation

On behalf of the public utility of Munich, BBB (which is now part of Ramboll) and Ramboll provided technical due diligence services including yield calculations. After the transaction BBB/Ramboll was commissioned for the supervision of the construction process (Owner’s Engineer).

Bessakerfjellet wind farm

Establishment of Bessakerfjellet Onshore Wind Farm, Norway, with 57.5 MW installed effect

Arklow Bank Wind Park - Outline/conceptual design

The Arklow Bank Wind Park was Ireland's first offshore wind project. At project outset in 2001, the wind park was intended to host 200 turbines with a nominal output of 520MW. Ramboll acted as owner's engineering consultant on the project.

Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm

Detailed foundation design of monopiles and substations for offshore wind farm.

Technical assessment of onshore wind farm in Sidensjö, Sweden

Performing technical due diligence assessments and supervision of the construction measures, Ramboll acted as owner’s engineer during the execution and construction phase.

Thanet offshore wind farm

Detailed foundation design of 100 offshore wind turbine foundations to be erected on water depths of 18 to 30 m LAT

Judith Gap Wind Farm Development, Montana, USA

Ramboll acted as adviser and technical consultant for one of the world’s largest onshore wind farms in Montana, USA. The Judith Gap wind farm is an 180MW onshore wind farm that supplies approximately 50,000 households with renewable energy. It features 90 GE wind turbines with a total nameplate capacity of 135MW. It was completed in 2005. Ramboll provided designs and expert reports, managed the permitting and procurement process, and supervised implementation.

Lynn and Inner Dowsing offshore wind farm

Detailed design of 54 wind turbine foundations

Development of the Wettendorf-Bottendorf I/II Onshore Wind Farm in Germany

The Wettendorf-Bottendorf onshore wind farm covers the energy demand of approximately 8,500 households, and its contribution to climate protection amounts to savings of more than 20,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Cape Wind offshore wind project: Bringing sustainable offshore wind energy to the United States

The Cape Wind project will be the first offshore wind project to be developed, permitted and built in the USA. The project will be located in Nantucket Sound, off the coast of the famous recreational areas of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Gwynt y Môr Offshore Wind Farm, Detailed Foundation Design and Technical Due Diligence

Ramboll has worked on the design of 160 individual foundations for the Siemens SWP 3.6MW turbines making up the Gwynt Y Môr Offshore Wind Farm, located in the Liverpool Bay area of the Irish Sea approximately 15 to 20 km off the coast of North Wales.

Foundations for offshore wind mega-farms in China

The first two of a total of approximately 500 offshore wind turbine foundations in Guangdong, China, have been designed and fabricated. Project developer SPIC Guangdong Offshore Wind Power Ltd. has secured permits for installation of 3.2 GW - enough to supply three million households with power.

Le Tréport and Noirmoutier offshore wind farms

Ramboll is supporting its clients in the development of two 500 MW offshore wind farms in the northern and southern regions of France, respectively.

150 Monopiles in the North Sea push offshore wind into deeper waters

Far out in the North Sea, 150 wind turbines will rise from water depths of up to 37 metres and constitute one of the world’s largest wind farms. Ramboll has designed the monopile foundations for the Gemini offshore wind farm that will supply more than 1.5 million Dutch citizens with renewable energy in 2016.

Glenmuckloch Wind Farm: Environmental Impact Assessment & Consenting

Design, environmental impact assessment, stakeholder consultation and consenting support for Glenmuckloch Wind Farm - a proposal for eight 3.2 MW wind turbines located on land adjacent to the Glenmuckloch opencast coal mine, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, UK.

Designing the largest onshore wind farm in the Nordics

Ramboll has been appointed by Norwegian contractor Veidekke to carry out the detailed engineering of the Storheia Wind Farm north of Trondheim, Norway.

Maintenance screening towards world class key to new maintenance strategy in Vestas

Vestas is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy. They have gained a market-leading position with more than 71 GW of installed wind power and more than 49 GW under service globally.

Underwater noise reduction

Ramboll has performed underwater noise level measurements and assessed the effectiveness of a proto-type ‘cofferdam’ noise reduction system for offshore monopile driving.

DONG Energy offshore wind farm

The Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, which was completed in 2013, is the world's third largest offshore wind farm. The 400 MW wind farm, placed in the Kattegat strait between Jutland and the island of Anholt, produces energy equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 400,000 households, or 4% of Denmark's total power consumption.

Criticality Analysis and strategy preparation at GLOBAL TECH I, Offshore wind farm (2015-16)

Global Tech I is one of the first offshore wind farms which has been built in the German North Sea. Comprised of 80 wind turbines – each with a capacity of 5 megawatts – the wind farm has an installed total capacity of 400 megawatts which makes it the largest offshore wind farm in German waters.

New Jersey selects Ramboll to be Offshore Wind Strategic Plan Partner

Drawing upon our vast experience in offshore wind turbine and foundations design, Ramboll has been selected by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to help develop wind energy in the state. New Jersey has initially committed to 3,500 MW of offshore wind, the most ambitious goal in the US.

Critical issues review for development of 10 onshore wind farms

Ramboll conducted a critical issues review to help a US client evaluate the viability of 10 sites for the development of onshore wind farms.

Onshore Wind Farms, German Federal Environment Agency

After almost three decades of producing renewable energy, German onshore wind turbines are finally reaching the end of their life. A strategy for the end-of-life process is required, particularly when it comes to waste management, reuse of valuable materials and a firm political framework.

Environmental Impact Assessment of near-shore wind farms

Ramboll prepares Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) of three near-shore wind farms in Danish waters for the Danish energy grid owner, The project involves preparing Environmental Impact Assessments for both the offshore wind farms as well as the onshore connection to the national grid.

Inverclyde Wind Farm

At full operational capacity, a 24 MW windfarm near Greenock and Port Glasgow will provide enough renewable energy to power approximately 14,800 homes and reduce carbon emissions by roughly 30,000 tonnes each year, when compared to the grid-mix carbon emissions factor.

Assessing offshore wind potential in Massachusetts

Ramboll experts identified 18 locations in Massachusetts as viable supply chain infrastructure sites for future offshore wind development.

Laying a foundation for US offshore wind

Ramboll supported the development of Block Island Wind Farm, the first offshore wind farm in the US, which is expected to power 17,000 homes.

Two HVAC transformer platforms for Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farms

The Greater Changhua 1 & 2a offshore wind farm project is a significant step towards Taiwan’s transition to renewable energy. Ramboll designed the two large 600MW offshore substations for the wind farm.

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm - Denmark's largest offshore wind farm

The Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, which was completed in 2013, is the world's third largest offshore wind farm. The 400 MW wind farm, placed in the Kattegat strait between Jutland and the island of Anholt, produces energy equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 400,000 households, or 4% of Denmark's total power consumption.

Chicago Lakeside: A new way of living

Chicago is taking urban development in the US in a brand new direction. The Chicago Lakeside-project is based on the assumption that future generations picture themselves living in a city focused on liveability and sustainability.


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