Due Diligence Tirreno Power - 16 hydro power plants

Ramboll has been commissioned by Sorgenia with a Technical Due Diligence (TDD) of a number of coal fired units, a number of CCGT’s and a number of hydro power plants in Italy.

Retrofit of Midskog Hydro Power Plant

The use of water as a source of energy is widespread, and around 20 per cent of the world’s electricity comes from hydro power. In Sweden, it has played a key role in the country’s energy system since the beginning of the last century.

Pre-study on geothermal energy in Ikast, Herning and Silkeborg

Ramboll evaluates the geothermal heat potential and geological structures for three energy companies in the center of Jutland, Denmark.

Solar heating plant in Giurgiu

Ramboll has established a solar heating system for production of domestic hot water.

Upgrading pre-treatment of waste in Oslo

In Oslo, both solid and liquid waste has since commissioning in 2012 been delivered to the Romerike Biogas plant (RBA) for pre-treatment. Now, Ramboll has been appointed by the city of Oslo to optimize the existing plant design and processes in order to obtain a more resilient facility and biogas production.

Biogas Tønder - the largest biogas plant in the Nordics

In South Denmark a large-scale biogas plant is under development. The plant will treat liquid manure, household waste and energy crops from 120 farmers, and Ramboll advises on design and approval.

Borås gas filling station & LNG storage

Construction of a new gas filling station for the supply of biomethane as a vehicle fuel and LNG backup storage.

Aquamarine Power Oyster

Feasibility study for Aquamarine Power into the widespread use of composite materials in its Oyster wave power device.


Solarge was a European co-operation project to open up markets for large solar thermal plants

Solar energy project in Lillestrøm

State-of-the-art renewable energy project

Pulverised Biomass Combustion Modelling

Switching from coal to biomass challenges the operational stability of pulverised fuel burners. Differences in fuel properties affect ignition and losses (Loss On Ignition). A combustion model for pulverised biomass has been developed, providing accurate predictive capabilities of burner operation.

Tidal Generation Limited

Ramboll is involved in providing structural and installation design of the foundation support structure for the 10MW tidal turbine test array.

South-Jutland stores the sun’s heat in the world's largest pit heat storage

In the Danish town of Vojens, a 70,000 m2 solar heating plant is being established. The heat is absorbed to heat water, which is then transported to a 200 million litre pit, for storage. Here, the water is saved for district heating consumers to use during the autumn and winter season. Vojens District Heating and Ramboll have designed and constructed the record breaking project.

Ground-breaking solar PV in Jordan

Ramboll Energy was the Owner’s Engineer in connection with the development and construction of one of the first large-scale solar PV projects in Jordan located in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, south of the capital of Amman.

Bekkelaget Biogas Upgrading Plant

Norway's largest biogas upgrading plant set to deliver vehicle fuel.

Biogas upgrading plant in Falkirk

Assessment of the potential to upgrade biogas to biomethane for gas grid injection or use as a vehicle fuel.

Greensand – Concept validation for carbon capture and storage at depleted oil and gas fields

A partnership led by INEOS Energy in collaboration with Wintershall DEA, Maersk Drilling and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) is at the base of an innovative initiative for the Danish carbon capture and storage industry.

Supporting Everfuel with Europe’s largest production plant for green hydrogen

Everfuel and its partners are planning the establishment of a large-scale production plant for green hydrogen in Fredericia, Denmark.

Study of Power-to-X potential on Danish island Lolland

A Ramboll study, performed on behalf of Gate 21, showed that Lolland’s massive surplus of renewable energy as well as the decision of the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Supply to connect Lolland to the national gas transmission network form the basis for the establishment of one or more Power-to-X plants with a total capacity of 300 MW.

Transitioning SUNY Oneonta to a low-carbon energy campus

The clean energy master plan for SUNY Oneonta in New York creates a pathway to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.

Reducing GHG emissions for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

The Energy Master Plan for UMass Dartmouth maps a path to achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

Industrial biomass boiler at Australian enterprise

Ramboll provided engineering consultancy services to an international food producer on one of their Australian enterprises. The objective of the project was to construct a new biomass boiler to replace an existing natural gas boiler.

Biomass power plant in Maabjerg

Maabjerg BioEnergy, which is one of the world’s largest biogas plants, was initiated by a group of local farmers together with local energy supply companies.

Geothermal plant in Viborg

Ramboll is responsible for the pre-feasibility study, conceptual design and implementation on geothermal project in Viborg

New sorting and biogas facility in Oslo

With focus on material recovery and energy production, Ramboll provides a wide range of consultancy services throughout the establishment of a new sorting and biogas facility in Vestby, Norway.

Waste to Energy – Independent Consultant for Hong Kong Sludge Treatment Facility

The plant will receive up to two thousand wet tonnes of municipal sewage sludge per day, transported by road from eleven sewage treatment works. This sludge will be treated in four incineration streams, consisting of fluidized bed furnaces with heat recovery and flue gas cleaning equipment. Ramboll is ‘Independent Consultant’ for the process elements of the plant, working closely with another consultant in Hong Kong.

Low-carbon energy supply strategy for the City of Cambridge

The City of Cambridge located north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, shares increasing global concerns about climate change and the many challenges it presents. Cambridge has adopted a Climate Protection Action Plan with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Dalderse Sludge Treatment Centre co-digestion feasibility study

The Sludge Treatment Centre at Dalderse in Falkirk, Scotland, is part of a large waste water treatment works dating from the 1960s and owned by Scottish Water. In 2010, Ramboll investigated using biogas by-products from the works to fuel vehicles or supply the gas grid. Ramboll Energy's current feasibility study determines the measures necessary to implement co-digestion of commercial and industrial waste with sewage sludge, and updates our earlier findings on exploiting the biogas as a commercial energy resource.At Dalderse, 432 tonnes per day of sewage sludge from several sites is digested in two mesophilic anaerobic digesters, where bacteria break down the sludge to produce methane and other by-products. Anaerobic digestion is standard UK practice for rendering a harmful mat ...

E.ON Citigen Decarbonisation

Expected to be one of the UK’s largest low-carbon heating systems, E.ON's Citigen energy centre provides district cooling, heating and electricity to the City of London and private developments. The installation includes 4MW of combined heating and cooling heat pumps with ground borehole storage and is expected to reduce carbon emissions of the energy centre by up to 50%.

Biofuel as a sustainable alternative in the aviation industry

With the introduction of new technologies, biofuels could make out a sustainable strategy in the Norwegian aviation industry by 2025. But it takes by-product sales to make it profitable, states Ramboll report.


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