Single European Sky projects

In 2000 the European Union launched the Single European Sky initiative in order to establish a more efficient airspace management in Europe. The aim was to reduce flying dis-tances, reduce waiting time for passengers and to reduce CO2 emissions. The aims will be achieved through the merger of the national air traffic control centres into larger centres across national borders. This will result in so-called Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs).

Ramboll helps governments address the European migration and integration crisis

As key advisor to government offices across Europe, Ramboll Management Consulting contributes to effective and evidence-based solutions to the challenges posed by the influx of migrants and asylum seekers. 

Informing community development decisions in Jokkmokk

Like a number of Arctic towns, Jokkmokk in northern Sweden is experiencing population decline and face growing challenges in finding the right competences.

Implementing for change: A turn of the tide in job counselling

How can we improve the counselling in the Danish jobcentres to give more unemployed citizens a better chance for a job? With this question the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment began a journey towards new ways of counselling. By now, it has proven to be a clever move, says job centre managers.

Legal services help mark 100 years of women’s right to vote

This year, it has been 100 years since women got the right to vote and stand for election in Denmark – and that calls for a celebration. Ramboll’s legal department has assisted with the fulfilment of two tenders prior to the anniversary.

Reduce cooling costs with green roofs

A heat wave in 1995 caused over 700 deaths in Chicago, spurring the city to champion the so-called “Urban Heat Island Initiative Pilot Project”, aiming to help cities mitigate the heat generated by urbanisation. Reducing the Chicago heat while also keeping cooling costs down has been a major challenge, but the City of Chicago has found an innovative solution in rooftop gardens – a green solution to lowering both temperatures and utility bills.

Creating opportunities – labour market integration enables social participation for mothers with a migration background

In Germany, just under a million mothers with a migration background are unemployed – approximately half of all migrant mothers living in Germany with children under the age of 18. Yet, around 370,000 of them are interested in taking up employment in the near future. The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) has initiated the program “Starting Careers – Mothers with migration background enter the labour market” to support not only the labour market integration but also the social and societal integration.

Addressing global climate challenges

Faced with a variety of challenges, benefits and impacts of climate actions – or in-action -  world leaders require evidence based foundations for decision making. This goes for executives in cities, local and national governments, NGO’s and the Development Banks among others.

Development work within the city of Stockholm

Stockholm is an attractive city that is constantly growing. The influx of residents and the growth of the city presents significant challenges in terms of housing, communication, office space etc. As the city grows, public services are expected to cater for more citizens, as well as raise service  and quality levels within a tight budget framework. This imposes demands on the ability of the City of Stockholm to innovate and develop.

Climate adaptation study & pilot project in New York City

The NYC Cloudburst Resiliency Planning Study & pilot project is a world-class example of an integrated planning & analysis process shaping a solid basis for future decisions on how to implement climate adaptation initiatives fully or partly based on green infrastructure.

Evaluating impact of investment worth 2.4 billion SEK

Bringing innovative solutions and new knowledge into play might be exactly what society needs to create long-term, sustainable growth according to the Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth. Ramboll evaluates the long-term impact of new initiative on society.

Oslo Fossil Free

Oslo has developed a new strategy for how the city can be free of fossil fuels. Ramboll has assisted the Municipality of Oslo towards its goal.

Improving accommodation at Danish construction sites

The Danish Working Environment Authority wanted to secure better accommodation for workers in the construction industry in Denmark. Ramboll identified potential solutions by conducting interviews with experts and by reviewing current laws and regulations.

Development of a strategic master plan for the Emirate of Fujairah

This master plan will provide the vision and framework for economic, social and government based projects over the next 30 years. The creation of the Fujairah Strategic Masterplan Project is an initiative of the Government of Fujairah and will set a framework for the growth and development of the Emirate of Fujairah until 2040.

Feasibility Study for New Port Terminal at Sitakunda

Ramboll undertookafeasibility study and a master plan for a new multi-purpose portin Bangladesh. TheSitakundaPort Terminalis essential to a specific economic zone being established at Mirasarai,north of Chittagong.


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