Cycling - the environmentally friendly alternative

Introducing cycle superhighways in Berlin.

Analysis of travel destinations via GPS data from Inrix

Regional transport models are being used to evaluate the effects of land use planning and forecasted traffic growth. Ramboll was commissioned by Region Skane to validate the existing national transport model SAMPERS by using GPS-data provided by Inrix.

Analysis of speed profiles via GPS data from TomTom

The highway road network around the Malmo region faces congestion and disturbance daily. GPS-data from motorized vehicles provides information over the location of the bottlenecks by the historic speed reduction on the segment. The information was used to optimize mitigation measures in a cost-effective way and to reduce accidents.

Feasibility study and technical design of 6 Cycle Super Highway

If the design is right, then cycling is an attractive alternative to using motorized transport. Fast cycling links provide travelers with a safe, healthy and often faster route through the city than traveling with a car on a road. Besides being convenient, cycling relieves congestion on the roads and has a positive impact on climate and air quality.

Bus procurement for Aalborg

Consultancy services for a future tender process for a BRT line in Aalborg’s municipal area.

COVID-19 Public realm and mobility: Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

Ramboll teams across geographies are working together to facilitate safe active travel in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Ireland. Made up of urban, suburban and rural areas, we are tasked with identifying immediate solutions to facilitate safe walking and cycling in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown whilst also supporting longer term ambitions to support local businesses, improve the public realm and strengthen local neighbourhoods.

Indførelse af elektroniske busser i Wettenberg

Wettenberg er en kommune i den administrative region Gießen og består af tre distrikter med knap 12.500 indbyggere tilsammen

Ladestandere i boligforeningen af 10. Marts 1943

Boligforeningen 10. marts 1943 ønsker at drive boligafdelinger, som er socialt, økonomisk og miljømæssigt bæredygtige. Fokusset på miljø-og klimarigtige løsninger har resulteret i et e-mobilitetsprojekt omhandlende potentialet af etableringen af ladestandere og køb af elbiler til boligforeningen i fremtiden.

Recharge, Norge

Recharge sidder på det største ladenetværk i Norden, samt bygger og betjener både hurtigopladere. 

Traffic study of Ed Sheeran concert

Ramboll provided the traffic forecasts of the concert traffic as well as micro-simulation studies including both pedestrian and vehicular traffic of the surrounding streets. 

Helsinki gets a grip on the future of urban transport

Rapid changes driven by global trends, such as climate change, digitalisation and demographics, have a massive impact on our transport systems. In Helsinki, a workgroup compiled an analysis of megatrends and their impacts on the City’s transport system. The result was a package of recommendations for the strategic development of the City’s future transport system. Ramboll assisted with consultancy work and facilitation of workshops.

Ramboll supports the Municipality of Esbjerg with a strategy and implementation plan for EV charging stations

Ramboll is helping the municipality of Esbjerg in Denmark to identify the best opportunities for the city to drive the green transition within these different roles while complying with the Danish EV charging regulations.

Rambøll leverer strategi og handleplan for e-mobilitet til Esbjerg Kommune

I Esbjerg Kommunes Vision 2025 er der et politisk ønske om at være en grøn foregangskommune. 

Enabling Asia’s Smart Cities for Future Generations

The Asian Development Bank and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have started an initiative with Ramboll to develop, pilot, and implement smart city concepts in eight South-East Asian countries. The project will address urban challenges within liveability, climate change and resilience.

MaaS - simplifying transportation

Imagine having an app that combines all available transport options, such as taxis, public transport, cars and even bike share, into a single mobile service. With the Whim app, consumers can do exactly that, purchasing the exact services they need either as a one-off or on a subscription basis.

Bicycle paths in Copenhagen

The project is part of the Copenhagen Bicycle Policy, which aims at improving conditions for cyclists in city centre. Ramboll is involved in the planning and establishment of new bicycle paths in and around the historical urban core. The project is executed with a special focus on the integration of bicycle traffic with the historical city centre and the urban environment.

Planning and Implementing Sustainable Transport in Addis Ababa

The objective of the Strategic Comprehensive Transport Development Plan (SCTPD) for Addis Ababa commissioned by AACRA is to appropriately address the transport and mobility challenges identified in Addis, by proposing and planning the implementation of new transport strategies and projects for the city, that are feasible from economic, financial, technical and environmental viewpoints and embraced by the involved authorities and the public.

Implementing improved cargo handling facilities in IWT terminals in Bangladesh

The overall goal of the project was planning and construction of two new IWT cargo terminals. Ramboll in association with partners in Bangladesh, have performed a feasibility study and detailed design of 2 new IWT cargo terminals in Pangaon and Ashuganj. In both locations new berthing facilities and improved cargo handling facilities will be implemented. 

Preparing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Tbilisi

This study is intended to prepare a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the Tbilisi metropolitan area. The SUMP aims at the creation of effective and inclusive transport system ensuring equal accessibility and sustainable mobility to and within the city.

Singapore Rail pedestrian modelling

Ramboll Smart Mobility conducted pedestrian modelling and transport planning and design services for the new Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail (HSR) terminus in Jurong East

Nordhavnen - international role model for sustainable urban development

With its unique positioning and an area covering the size of 625 football grounds, Nordhavnen (or Nordhavn) in Copenhagen, Denmark, is Scandinavia's largest and most ambitious city development project for the time being. The overriding vision for Nordhavnen is to become the sustainable city of the future.


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