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Every Challenge Has a Backstory

Process as an impediment: Numerous studies by USEPA and other regulatory agencies at contaminated groundwater sites have shown that remediation of aquifers using conventional pump-and-treat technology is difficult, time-consuming and in most cases, bears incomplete results.

Technology as a time-saver: To mitigate these issues, Ramboll pioneered the use of innovative in situ technologies to remediate groundwater and soil contamination completely. This approach resulted in a solution that can be years or decades faster than conventional techniques, making way for redevelopment.

Like many sites of its era, the 63-acre Teterboro Landing site, formerly Bendix Aviation Corporation, manufactured aircraft technology that supplied both World Wars and the nation’s fledgling space race. Decades of industrial use had left the site’s soil and groundwater with extensive and complex contamination, including TCE, PCE and Freon, in a varied clay formation.

The Teterboro Landing site is served by an extensive network of interstates, highways and bridges leading to Manhattan. After securing a grant through New Jersey’s SmartGrowth Program, the client wanted to speed up the project to make way for a $100 million redevelopment program.

Focus on Solutions

Ramboll, in partnership with its client and regulatory officials, developed a remedial strategy using in situ thermal remediation for the areas of greatest contamination, combined with in situ chemical oxidation for the less contaminated zones, and a slurry wall to surround 3.2 acres of the parcel.

Results that Matter

In just over 30 months, Ramboll completed the comprehensive $45 million remedial program, including site investigation, design and remediation of the site, ultimately removing more than 35,000 pounds of chlorinated volatile organics over 3.2 acres and depths to 40 feet, making the program one of the largest in situ thermal remediation projects completed to date.


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