Energy efficiency program assistance for the State of Colorado Energy Office



Alan Kao

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We currently provide oversight for the State of Colorado Energy Office’s energy performance contracting (EPC) program, the third-highest rated program in the US.

In this role, we coordinate outreach and help state entities – including school districts, state agencies, municipalities and special districts – understand and optimize this alternative financing approach to energy projects. The EPC program is a key aspect of the state’s energy demand-side management (DSM) program.

Energy savings activities may include lighting fixtures and controls, occupancy sensors, HVAC improvements, boiler replacements, pumps, fans and drivers, equipment controls, building envelope improvements, vehicle and fleet efficiency, and renewable energy installations. Water and wastewater plants are additional cost-saving targets.

Beneficial results of the program include:

  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Demand response, peak demand and operational cost savings
  • Improvement in comfort, indoor air quality and energy resiliency


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