Automated forging cell increases production for major aerospace company

Automated forging cell

Automated forging cell


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Every Challenge Has a Backstory

A major supplier of key metal components for the aerospace industry needed a better way to use the current infrastructure of an existing facility to increase production capacity. The increased capacity would help the manufacturer to meet a higher demand for its metal components driven by engine manufacturers implementing new technologies and a high global demand for new aircraft.

Focus on Solutions

Advanced manufacturing engineers at Ramboll developed a concept for an automated forging cell that increased production capacity and allowed for more efficient use of the manufacturer’s infrastructure. Since the automation was significantly different from existing processes at the facility, Ramboll focused on operations, working closely with the client’s production team to develop a system that would meet the company’s process requirements and be easy to operate.

Results that Matter

The new equipment improved process repeatability and increased production capacity, allowing the client to forge parts more competitively.


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