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Helping Smiths Group achieve a CDP leadership ranking

Ramboll was appointed by FTSE 100-listed engineering firm Smiths Group plc to support its submission for the latest phase of the mandatory Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). This appointment followed previous experience working together to disclose through CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), which saw the firm achieve a ‘Leadership’ ranking in 2018 that placed them in the top 5% of UK respondents.

Complying with the EU Energy Efficiency Directive

This is the second time that large companies have had to comply with Article 8 of the EED, which obliges them to undertake energy audits, following the completion of phase 1 in 2015. Having helped Smiths Group achieve compliance for phase 1, Ramboll is now providing them with support for phase 2, which includes ensuring their business is compliant with Article 8 across the 20 Member States in which they operate. In most cases submissions are due by 5 December 2019.  

Multinational experience

The local Member State regulations are derived from Article 8 of the Directive and all vary significantly, making this a complex compliance project. Thanks to the combination of our European reach, extensive environmental compliance expertise, integrated multidisciplinary team and advanced project management skills, Ramboll is providing Smiths Group with an ideal one-stop solution. By orchestrating an audit programme, Ramboll will connect energy and emissions reduction opportunities identified across Smiths Group’s facilities with the company’s wider climate change strategy.

Our approach

Ramboll’s team of qualified assessors supports Smiths Group using the following approach:

  • Collect all necessary energy data
  • Ascertain which sites require auditing
  • Send expert auditors to sites
  • Issue client with a comprehensive report listing all recommendations on energy efficiency improvements that can be made
  • Complete relevant national notifications


Our continued work with Smiths Group demonstrates that organisations that are aware of their energy consumption and emissions are able to help tackle climate change and make themselves more resilient in the process. Disclosure is vital when it comes to sustainability. Being in the top 5% of UK respondents, Smiths Group has proved that it doesn’t just respond to CDP for the sake of disclosure, but that it is a leader in its field with transparency at the heart of its strategy. Without the data analysis and the technical recommendations provided by Ramboll, a company has no indication of costs and implications and is therefore unlikely to take action. But by taking a transparent approach and following Ramboll’s advice, Smiths Group has made significant reductions to its emissions and is taking steps to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Invaluable expertise

“Ramboll has provided invaluable expertise on CDP disclosure over the years, and we are thrilled to have their support and guidance for phase 2 of the EU EED. We know that the team’s extensive European experience will be of great benefit in ensuring we achieve compliance across all Member States.”

Tim McGraw, Vice President, Global Head of HSE and Physical Security at Smiths Group.


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