KPMG Headquarters design supervision

A Canary Wharf development intended to meet high targets in sustainability and architectural design. In our role as holders of a watching brief, we made some interventions to improve internal legibility and façade performance.

The 15 storey steel frame structure is L shaped on plan, with a courtyard nestled in the crook of the L. Several full height atria provide reception and circulation facilities — the use of open space pointing to KPMG's core values of transparency and communicability. We revised the initial circulation design so that stair flights connect to alternating sides of the ascending floor plates in the central atrium. Seen from below, the stairs form a criss-cross pattern, enhancing the impression of a fluid, multiply-connected environment.

Our façades team contributed detailed analysis to ensure the glazed curtain walling performs to optimal capacity.

facade engineering

A landmark development in the heart of Canary Wharf designed to meet high standards of both architectural achievement and sustainability. We have held a watching brief over the development of the design and have provided some key improvements to the façades specification.

The 15 storey steel frame structure is L-shaped on plan. A full-height corner atrium at the tip of the L provides views to nearby Canada Square.

The highly glazed façade was chosen to serve a design that expresses KPMG's core values of transparency and communicability. It was crucial to optimize façade performance in order to meet the building's low energy targets, while preserving the impression of glass clarity. We were able to minimise solar gain by using a high performance glass — a sputtered metallic coating enhances performance without significantly altering glass colour or transparency.

The unitised curtain walling panels are prefabricated offsite for ease of construction.


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