Crouch Hill Park

Ashmount School, Crouch Hill

Ashmount School, Crouch Hill


Philip Kite. Ramboll

Philip Kite

Team Director, Building Services
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Proposals at Crouch Hill Park involved the relocation of Ashmount Primary School, Bowler’s Nursery and the renovation of the community CAPE building. The brief is challenging as the site is Metropolitan Open Land. Sustainability, energy and landscaping have all been integral to design development. Designs are based on a ‘tree house’ concept to connect with the surrounding environment.

Ramboll’s Sustainability Appraisal Process was used from project inception, to track design decisions and score the development against tailored criteria.

The brief requires zero carbon emissions during operation of the development and zero waste during demolition, construction and operation.

Sustainable modes of travel are encouraged, with cyclist and pedestrian facilities prioritised and no on-site parking provided other than disabled spaces.

Proposals involve regeneration of the entire parkland area, enhancing biodiversity.

Sustainable operation of the site, including functionality and affordability, has been considered based on the DCSF’s Eight Doorways to Sustainable Schools principles.


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