Ramboll was commissioned to carry out a review of low carbon energy supply, water efficiency, effluent management and low carbon transport fuel options at AG Barr’s soft drinks manufacturing site in Cumbernauld, Scotland. The project was supported by the Scottish Enterprise Low Carbon Infrastructure Programme.

Project description

Our Energy team conducted an audit of the firm’s existing energy supply, water, effluent and transport infrastructure, before developing recommendations to help develop more holistic and resilient low-carbon energy solutions for the site. 

Following initial site surveys, a number of low-carbon supply options were developed and appraised, all with the potential to reduce costs and carbon emissions and provide a future-proofed low carbon solution. The aim of the appraisal was to determine the most attractive options and provide focus to subsequent work in order to develop a detailed business case.

Multiple solutions

A variety of options and technologies were considered and modelled in detail including:

  • Process water efficiency measures

  • Switching from gas to biomass for central steam plant

  • Combined heat and power (CHP) systems

  • Heat pumps

  • Anaerobic digestion of process effluents

  • Large-scale, ground-mounted solar PV

  • Compressed biogas (bio-CNG) for freight

A tailored solution

Ramboll recommended an integrated solution incorporating a new private wire connection to the neighbouring biogas CHP plant, anaerobic digestion of process effluents and further investigation of the potential to shift to compressed biogas for the site’s distribution fleet.

These options were recommended based a combination of rapid payback on investment and substantial carbon savings. The final project report gave the company a prioritised plan for carbon reduction, providing focus for future phases of work to develop a more detailed business case around each of the options identified.


Ramboll provided AG Barr with an independent review and appraisal of the available low-carbon energy and transport options, and a systematic and comparative appraisal of their relative cost-benefits. This has given the company a strong mandate for further work to develop prioritised low carbon energy solutions.

In total, the solutions identified had potential to generate annual cost savings in excess of £350,000 with payback in around 6 years and 15-year carbon savings of >33,000 tonnes.



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