As one of Sweden’s largest and most complex rail projects, The West Link meets the demand of effective public transportation and provides the city of Gothenburg with a safer, more flexible and more reliable rail system.

The West Link comprises an eight kilometre double track railway, of which six kilometres are a railway tunnel underneath the centre of Gothenburg. This provides increased capacity, it reduces travel time, and improves access to the city centre. In addition to the tunnel, there will be three new underground train stations; one below the city’s Central Station, one at Haga and another one at Korsvägen.

Two major sub-projects

Together with Sweco, Ramboll is a key stakeholder in The West Link Project. Ramboll takes on two of the West Link Project’s key sub-projects including overall design of the railway technical solutions and detailed design for the line, connection points, and Station Haga.

In the sub-project concerning line and connection points, the consortium lay the foundations for the route planning, the overall design and the description of the railway technical solutions, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and system documentation for the rail specific systems and tunnel structures for the West Link’s connection points to the existing rail network at Olskroken and Almedal. An important part of this involves analysis and planning of provisional solutions required for the construction works, i.e. dividing the project into phases and rearranging traffic operations.

The second sub-project is Haga Station, one of the three new locations for underground stations. The aim of this construction project is to create the right solution and structure for the station - from the perspective of its users and the city. The consortium works on a station design which is safe, easy for people to navigate through, and efficient.

An appealing solution

The aim is to create an appealing, flexible and robust solution that fits well into the urban development of the city. The consortium will be responsible for the overall design and description of the railway technical solutions and the station design, EIA and detailed design of the project.

The project will be led by Ramboll in Sweden in collaboration with international colleagues. Work on the scheme will begun June 2012 and is planned for completion in 2015.

Worth to know about The West Link

The West Link is part of The Western Swedish Package, which includes a number of infrastructure projects for trains, busses, trams, bicycles and cars and is expected to run until 2028. This initiative costs around EUR four billion and will contribute to a positive and sustainable growth in the western part of Sweden. The customer is the Swedish Transport Administration.


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