Danderyd Hospital


Kent Wallin

Project manager, Buildings
T: +46 (10) 615 6156
The patient capacity of Danderyd Hospital needs to be expanded and the hospital is being rebuilt and equipped with a new emergency room. Ramboll handles extensive commissions in the project.  

The enlarged capacity includes the construction of a new building (28,000 m2) and a reconstruction of the existing emergency room.

The new hospital building will be constructed in seven floors and incorporate a large number of hospital beds. There are high demands on the design so that the sensitive medical equipment works perfectly and without interference.

Ramboll has extensive experience in designing and constructing hospitals and healthcare buildings, both domestically and abroad and handles geotechnical and structural engineering and also traffic planning in the Danderyd project.  

A new ambulance center

Ramboll is also responsible for the design and traffic planning of a new ambulance center with room for five ambulances.

The assignment includes reviewing the emergency clinic's current parking area and occupancy and to identify the traffic situation once the new emergency department is in use. The accessibility and docking will be reviewed as well as opportunities for walking and cycling in the area.  


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