Finngulf LNG terminal – Technical feasibility

Finngulf LNG terminal

Finngulf LNG terminal

For several years, Ramboll had assisted Gasum Oy with their plan of constructing a terminal for LNG import to the South coast of Finland. Following the feasibility study Ramboll was awarded a contract for project management services that focused on the critical tasks of the project.

LNG – a promising market

Gasum Oy is a Finnish expert in natural energy gases and the leading supplier of biogas in Finland. The company develops the Finnish and Nordic energy infrastructure by investing in different market sectors including the liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The possibility to construct an LNG terminal with import of LNG and a regasification plant was assessed by Ramboll through a technical feasibility study.

Exploring different scenarios

The study involved investigation of a wide spectrum of technologies yielding a variety of output capacities, alternative solutions to storage of cryogenic LNG onshore and offshore, and possibilities for connecting the regasification plant onto the existing natural gas transmission system.

In addition, special consideration was given to local factors like the cold climate and the navigation through the narrow Finnish archipelago.

Identifying critical tasks

Following the technical feasibility study, Ramboll was also responsible for providing project management services that focused on the critical tasks of the project such as environmental and social impact assessments (EIA and ESIA), and risk assessment. These activities were put in action by Ramboll concurrently with the development of the technical concept for the LNG import terminal.

Phased development of the LNG terminal

The technical concept study examined the development of LNG terminals at two discrete locations, east and west of Helsinki. Ramboll had to consider a phased development of the LNG terminal from a small-scale terminal for marine bunker fuel, over a floating storage and regasification plant, to a large-scale receiving terminal storing 500.000 m3 of LNG.

Ramboll also arranged an amendment of the current land-use plan and drafted a program for the critical tasks to the Finnish authorities and facilitated the client in meetings with various stakeholders.


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