Large rail project alleviates Norway's urban pressure

The new Moss station will be surrounded by a lively urban scene

The new Moss station will be surrounded by a lively urban scene


Lars Syrstad

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Passing through and under the city of Moss, the coming Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad rail link south of Oslo calls for complex rail engineering skills. The project involves the design of double-track rail tunnels in hilly terrain and a modern rail station in the bustling city of Moss.

Due to significant population growth in Oslo over the coming decades – and the projected ensuing traffic congestion – the Norwegian state has acted swiftly to upgrade the infrastructure in and around the nation’s capital. Several InterCity rail projects have been planned to provide a much-needed rail capacity expansion between some of Norway's major cities.

Significant rail upgrade crucial for Oslo

The rail infrastructure around Oslo is in for a major overhaul, as better public transport has been found to be the only way to solve the future traffic puzzle. The Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad rail link will be a crucial component in relieving the pressure on Oslo in the future. It will also significantly help to upgrade the rail transport options between Sweden and Norway.

The project involves the design of a 10-kilometre double-track railroad in a hilly terrain as well as brand new rail station in Moss approximately 60 kilometres south of Oslo. The rail link includes two tunnels for a total of 4.5 kilometres and will be designed by Ramboll in joint venture with Sweco. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2018.

- The new Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad rail link will make life a lot easier for Oslo’s commuters in the future, together with other InterCity projects. This ensures that the travel time between Oslo and Fredrikstad will be just 47 minutes, an improvement of 21 minutes. It's an environmentally friendly solution that enables much higher passenger volumes in and out of Oslo, says Lars Syrstad, who co-manages the project for Ramboll together with Sweco.

Challenging layout

Completing the 10-kilometre rail link from Sandbukta to Såstad will be no easy feat. The track passes challenging ground conditions, which calls for advanced engineering skills in the design stage.

- Together with our partner Sweco we cover the full range of tunnel building and railroad design. This is a very big and complex project, and we have assembled a strong and experienced team. We will deliver technical consulting and project management throughout the project, including routing, rail design, tunnel design, construction, and impact studies, Lars Syrstad continues.

New station in rapidly evolving urban zone

A key component of the project is the new station planned in the rapidly evolving city of Moss south of Oslo. When done, the project will culminate in a modern rail station design and extensive urban development in the surrounding city centre.

- Planning the new station in Moss is an exciting and highly complex process. We need to make sure the new station is efficiently connected to Moss' existing transport options, for instance busses, cars, and bicycles. There will also be new residential and commercial building projects that should be seamlessly integrated into the greater station area. The new station will be a valuable hub for the city of Moss, Lars Syrstad adds.

Construction on the Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad rail project begins in 2018 and is scheduled for completion in 2024.


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