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Ramboll has been the architect for the 25,000m2 dairy in Jæren in the county of Rogaland. Not only is the new dairy Norway's largest, but it is also one of the most advanced in Europe.

The vast building complex has enabled dairy producer, Tine, to centralise all its operations in the county of Rogaland within a single location. In addition to facilities for the production and storage of butter-based products, hard cheeses, powder products and 200 million litres of milk per year, the EUR 186 million plant comprises an administration building, a power plant and a car wash.

Overcoming complex challenges

"The project has been both exciting and challenging," said Ramboll architect, Christian Christensen. "Since starting work in 2007, we have learnt a great deal and this places us in a strong position for future opportunities - also when it comes to processing plants in general. The most significant challenges related to the 15-20 different suppliers of production equipment to be incorporated in the dairy. For instance, several areas had to be redrawn in line with suppliers' demands for space."

Three important goals for the customer are that the dairy is profitable, environmentally friendly and supports very high food safety standards. Ramboll's architects therefore focused on achieving exceptional hygiene and temperature control, whilst creating a design that complements the automated production processes. The administration building was conceived and constructed as a detached structure to provide light and air to all sides and to create a clear identity for the building's main entrance.


The dairy has an innovative approach to energy use and a unique environmental cooperation with other companies located within the same industrial park. For example, natural gas is being used for heating and all the CO2 emitted from the industrial processes is transported to an 'environmental nursery' next door, where it is used to nourish plants. This means that the dairy does not release any CO2 into the atmosphere and is therefore CO2 neutral.


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