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By producing a 3D visualisation film, Ramboll helps bringing ambitious plans for a new square to life.

Jon Bjørgum, Norwegian investor and property developer, asked Ramboll to produce a 3D visualisation to present his vision for the Kristiansand square area to local politicians. His plan is a suggestion for trying to attract more people to the city of Kristiansand, Norway, where fewer parking spaces have resulted in less people visiting the city centre.

Creating a vibrant city atmosphere

The new plans for attracting more people to Kristiansand include outdoor restaurants, water fountains, an outdoor stage, extension of the existing Sandens Mall, parking houses under the square and children's playgrounds.

By means of 3D visualisation, the developer is able to present his plans in a simple, easy-to-understand way. For instance, a local newspaper writes: "Mr Bjørgum tempts politicians by using elegant video animations to show how he wants to see the Kristiansand square area in the future".

Accurate basis for further planning

The visualisation film is based on an accurate and reliable city model of Kristiansand. The accuracy of the model is within +/- 20 cm. This accuracy means that the model can be used for more than spectacular visualisations. Among other things, the high quality of the 3D model makes it a valuable tool in the engineering work required for the proposed extension of the existing Sandens Mall located close to the square.


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