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The new center for children and youth at Haukeland hospital in Bergen will hold a high international standard, and create an inspiring and functional environment for both patients, relatives, employees and students.

Ramboll is the responsible architect for the new children- and youth center at Haukeland hospital, along with KHR Arkitekter and Per Knudsen Arkitektkontor. The goal is to make a complete and modern center, with functional and holistic solutions adapted to the site, the environment and the climate.

A green hospital

The architectonical impression signals trust, quality and openness. The concept consists of nine slats located across the terrain in the east-west direction, with green areas like terraces, gardens and playgrounds between them. This breaks the building structure down into smaller and friendlier elements.

In the middle of the facility is a central reception area, making it easy for patients, employees and visitors to navigate the area. Bed posts are placed in the higher regions of the facility, to provide daylight, air and a view, while heavier functions are placed in the base building connecting the slats.

The center will be finished in 2018.


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