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Faced with a variety of challenges, benefits and impacts of climate actions – or in-action -  world leaders require evidence based foundations for decision making. This goes for executives in cities, local and national governments, NGO’s and the Development Banks among others.

The benefit to society, and the division of costs and benefits to critical actors, are necessary components to evaluate whether an action should be approved and commissioned, or whether the project should be reconsidered or scrapped. At Ramboll Management Consulting we assist our clients make that judgement based on a sound and tested foundation.

Within the last few years, we have worked in many parts of the world to address the impacts of climate challenges and what to do about them. For instance, in:
  • USA:
    Ramboll helped the City of New York with a best practice study on cloudburst resiliency planning to further strengthen the city's ability to plan and execute complex climate adaptation projects in the future. This included recommendations and testing of approaches to assess the costs and benefits of incorporating heavy rainfall into ongoing planning and future investments in climate adaptation solutions. Similarly, Ramboll helped the City of Washington estimate the potential costs of “doing nothing” and the costs of adapting to the agreed climate adaptation criteria for the area of Buzzard Point.
  • Asia:
    Ramboll helped the Asian Development Bank with a study on low-carbon, climate-resilient urban infrastructure development options, costs, and benefits in developing member country (DMC) cities or urban agglomerations with current populations of 750,000 or more. For six selected “archetype” cities, a master plan-level assessment of current and projected infrastructure needs by 2030 was undertaken and the climate exposure and risk of these needs was further analyzed.

  • Africa:
    Ramboll assisted the African Development Bank aiming at empowering five African cities (in Cote d'Ivoir, Morocco, Cameroun, Tanzania, and Zambia respectively) to address air quality. Ramboll’s socio-economists provided cost benefit analysis of low carbon transport projects considering health impacts and carbon funding. The aim was to determine the economic value of cleaner air and on the value of reduced emissions from the traffic.

  • Europe:
    Insurance can be an effective tool to deal with risks of climate and weather-related events as it contributes to preparedness for and awareness of these events. On behalf of the EU Commission, Ramboll conducted an inventory of existing coverage of insurance mechanisms, looking at how effective they are in terms of incentivising risk reduction and decreasing damage cost and then used the findings to set out future options for policy makers and stakeholders.

Understanding causal link

Ramboll Management Consulting assists our clients in understanding the causal links between urban climate actions and the impacts. We identify and costs and benefits of climate projects – both mitigation and adaptation. We use stakeholder involvement to pinpoint local impacts, and we use our database to quantify and monetize the impacts.

Most often we identify both social, economic and environmental benefits of urban climate adaptation projects and developing cost-benefit analyses to evaluate the net present values of competing project proposals.

This enables us to weigh the costs against the benefits over the lifetime of the proposed project alternatives. Thus, we deliver objective evidence based foundations for decision-makers - across the public and private sector, and across the world.

Download the Executive Summary of the Buzzard Point project report (PDF, 6.9 MB)

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Climate adaptation study in New York City

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) has selected Ramboll to conduct a best practice study on cloudburst resiliency planning.

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