Upgrading NH-1A Section Between Udhampur to Ramban to Four-Lanes

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The Udhampur to Ramban section of the National Highway-1A (new NH-44) holds national importance. It will lead to an improved and smooth, all-weather connectivity between Jammu and Srinagar via a four-lane highway. The improved highway will also reduce commute time from Jammu to Srinagar and other strategic border areas in the State. Moreover, implementation of the project would result in the development of basic infrastructure in the region which would ultimately contribute to the overall economic development of the State.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and has commenced this project under the National Highway Development Project (NHDP) Phase-II.  Ramboll India has undertaken detailed designing for upgrading the existing two-lane road to a four-lane configuration for our client Gammon India Ltd. 

Ramboll India has been entrusted to provide detailed design services for the highways, structures and tunnels for a stretch of about 43km of the project road. Initially project work comprised of two bypasses, five major and 59 minor bridges, 502 culverts, six cattle underpasses and 888m long single tunnel. However, after successful completion of most of the above design by Ramboll, Gammon has entrusted Ramboll with additional responsibility to detailed design of the major Ramban By-pass Bridge which around 1080m long located parallel to the River Chenab and additional work related to the twin tube tunnel which was introduced recently by NHAI.

Ramboll has provided a host of services to the client which included highway plan and profile, structure design, tunnel design, geotechnical investigation and report, slope stability, protection of transmission towers, hydrology and topographical surveys.

The project is located in treacherous hilly terrain and steep hills comprising of soft strata. The geography of the region put forth many challenges for the team. Our experts came up with innovative solutions to overcome these challenges throughout the course of the project.

Our solutions to mitigate challenges due the site restraints included a 2km viaduct which is a continuous elevated structure at an elevation of about 45m above the ground. A combination of various types of girders like post tension box girder and steel composite structure of 60m span. A cantilever span (46m + 120m + 60m) with a deck width 24.1m has been designed to overcome site restraints.

Ramboll was initially awarded contract for design consultancy for a period of months however, with additional responsibilities and change of scope in the contract with Ramboll will be providing design support for the entire construction period.


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