Jätkäsaari infrastructure and environmental planning


Mikko Leppänen

Technical Director, Director of Infrastructure West, Ramboll Finland

Having served as Helsinki's cargo port for almost 100 years, Jätkäsaari will be transformed into an attractive urban residential area by 2025. The Jätkäsaari construction project consists of various commissions, which Ramboll is planning in connection with numerous client and cooperative partners. Our planning work at Jätkäsaari began in 2000 when a partial disposition plan was drawn up for the area. We are participating in the planning of the new district to be constructed on Jätkäsaari using our extensive experience in infrastructure and environmental planning.

Ramboll has been continuously involved in the planning of the area since 2006. We have planned the decontamination of the former landfill site at Jätkäsaari, temporary traffic arrangements, the utilisation of polluted land and the dredging of sediment on the seabed. We are also responsible for monitoring water, noise and dust in accordance with environmental permits and the Water Act and we monitor the decontamination of polluted land at several different work sites.

We carry out various different commissions for the City of Helsinki's Public Works Department, Real Estate Department, Economic and Planning Centre and the Port of Helsinki. The project is made more challenging by the fact that Jätkäsaari is to be constructed in sections over a very long period of time.


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