Helsinki's "jokeri" light rail line


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The regional light rail line from Itäkeskus, Helsinki to Keilaniemi, Espoo.

The goal of the project was to plan a high-standard, fast rail line, without any excessive costs. The planned length of the line is approximately 25 km (15.5 miles), of which 16 km will be in Helsinki and the remaining 9 km in neighbouring Espoo. The line will have 33 stops.

Ramboll was responsible for project management, technical planning and impact assessment. The tramways, stops, interchange points, depots and road and street modifications required by construction of the tramway, and other matters included in the scope of this plan have been designed to a level of detail which provides sufficient information about the costs, viability and impacts of the project to allow decision-making concerning the project and including the project in future investment programmes. The project plan provides the basis for administrative plans, local plan alterations and, in later stages, the track construction design process. In the Helsinki region transport system plan the construction of the Jokeri line is proposed to start before 2025.

The project was designed by a consortium consulting group Ramboll-WSP.

Prioritization in Road Traffic a Key Element

The Jokeri line is double-track throughout, and it will be operated with modern, low-floor vehicles. Most of the track will be on dedicated rights of way. In order to ensure reliable operation and accurate journey times, which are among the key objectives of the project, Jokeri vehicles will get priority over other road traffic at all junctions controlled by traffic signals.

The plan includes two depots: a main depot at the current bus depot site next to the Roihupelto metro depot, and a secondary depot at Laajalahti.

Value added for the customer

The Jokeri light rail line from Itäkeskus to Keilaniemi via Pitäjänmäki and Leppävaara is currently one of the key initiatives for orbital cross-region public transport  and  a  key  measure  in  improving  the  service  level  of  sustainable transport modes.

The Jokeri line supports the strategic development objective for a denser urban structure based on true rail network and national land use goals.


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