Design services and detailed design on the Baltic Pipe

Piping system

Piping system


Lars Eriksen, Director, Pipelines & subsea systems

Lars Eriksen

M.Sc., civil and structural eng., Principal Project Manager
T: +45 5161 8777

Services we provided

Ramboll will support Energinet with contributing to a gas transmission pipeline for the Baltic Pipe together with ILF Consulting Engineers. Ramboll will provide consultancy and design services of the onshore pipelines in Jutland and Funen, Denmark, and detailed design of all of its line valve stations.

“We have experience working with other projects on the Baltic Pipe, and throughout the most recent project for the Lillebælt strait, we have had a very successful collaboration with both Energinet and ILF Consulting Engineers. Naturally, we are therefore very excited about continuing this cooperation” says Lars Eriksen, Project Manager, Ramboll.

Crossing land and water

Due to the nature of the surrounding landscape and structures, the project contains certain challenges, as there are a large number of crossings on the line, which include both road, water and railway crossings. Specialists from across the Ramboll organisation will therefore contribute to the project and provide the strongest expertise within the markets of Transport, Energy and Water.

Ramboll’s multidisciplinary approach therefore enables the assembling of specialised teams from the entire organisation, to ensure that the project is completed with the strongest results through all phases of the project.

The Baltic Pipe

The Baltic Pipe is a gas infrastructure project with the goal of creating a new gas supply corridor in the European market. The pipeline allows for import of Norwegian and Danish natural gas to Poland, and of natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Poland to Denmark. Once construction has been completed, the gas delivered through this pipeline will also contribute to the diversification of gas supplies in Poland.

The project is denoted as a ‘Project of Common Interest’ (PCI) by the European Commission and is promoted by Energinet (Denmark) and GAZ-SYSTEM (Poland). Operation of the pipeline is scheduled to begin in October 2022.


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