Criticality Analysis and strategy preparation at GLOBAL TECH I, Offshore wind farm (2015-16)

Offshore wind turbines

Offshore wind turbines


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Global Tech I is one of the first offshore wind farms which has been built in the German North Sea. Comprised of 80 wind turbines – each with a capacity of 5 megawatts – the wind farm has an installed total capacity of 400 megawatts which makes it the largest offshore wind farm in German waters.

The project comprised Asset Management consultancy in two parallel, but yet connected tracks:
Strategic Asset management planning covering the whole organisation, 80 wind turbines and the associated offshore high voltage station (OHVS).

Daily support to the Asset management department in criticality analysis and building up equipment maintenance strategies on the OHVS based on the failure modes effect and criticality analysis (FMECA) method. In a first step the FMECA was done on system level in order to point out focus areas for a detailed component FMECA. All components in the focus areas were then analysed in order to (i) enhance safety, (ii) improve performance and (iii) enable a more cost efficient maintenance programme.

The following topics were included in the project:

  • Failure Modes effect and criticality analyses (FMECA) and RCM strategies
  • Preliminary Asset Management screening, identifying gaps
  • Development of a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)
  • Development of Asset Management roadmaps
  • Development of reliability diagrams in order to identify vulnerable areas.


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