Construction management for Puskakorpi onshore wind farm with GIS-based workflows

Puskakorpi onshore wind farm

Puskakorpi onshore wind farm


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The Puskakorpi wind farm will generate 88MW of electricity for approximately 55,000 people. The wind farm also plays a significant role in supporting Finland’s target of 50% of its energy end-consumption from renewable energy sources by 2030. Puskakorpi consists of 16 wind turbine generators located in the Pyhäjoki region of the Oulu province in Finland.

The Puskakorpi wind farm is owned by Foresight Energy Infrastructure Partners (FEIP), a sustainability-led private market energy transition fund launched by Foresight Group LLP in January 2020. FEIP invests in opportunities created by the transformational change underway in global energy markets, with a focus on Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Based on a good knowledge of the site and cooperation with the client, Ramboll was selected as the construction manager of the 16 wind turbine generators. The scope of work included construction management, site supervision, authority coordination and design review.

During the project, Ramboll developed a pilot GIS-based workflow to manage the wind farm planning and construction. The solution was developed to cover the need for available data for the multitude of stakeholders involved during the planning and construction phases.

The solution was available both at the office and on field. The project managers were able to obtain updated statuses of the workflows. Supervisors were able to update, collect and check data from the field through mobile devices and constructors were able to use maps and data on-site. Investors were able to follow the progress of the construction work in real time and they were also able to receive snap shots of the maps for weekly reports.

The streamline workflow was based on ArcGIS Online, an Esri’s web-based software, which offers various options for interaction with the data. The software runs on any device with internet connection. Ramboll managed software updates and maintenance, including data security and privacy.

The solution made Puskakorpi workflows more effective across the project organisation by enabling collaboration on the common platform where everyone had access to the same data and overview. Moreover, the access to the data and informative maps was straightforward and did not require prior experience with the GIS software.

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