Benefits of Natural Gas for Poland – Needs for Development of a Gas Hub

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Ramboll has analysed Poland’s foundation of becoming a well-functioning gas hub, serving as a central gas trading nation to the East Baltic region and CEE countries. The report, commissioned by Shell, sheds light on the competitive situation on the Polish gas market and highlights what could be done for Poland to become the gas hub in the region.

Poland as a hub for trade of natural gas 

The report shows that Poland has the potential to become a hub due to its geographical position and as Poland’s gas grid is – and will be - very well connected with neighbouring countries. This ensures the demand and diversifies the supplies.  However, despite of this geographical predisposition, the initiatives must be taken to improve the attractiveness of trading gas in Poland. 

Poland has a unique position 

Poland’s domestic resources and production of gas as well as a steadily growing domestic consumption gives opportunity of the development of a gas hub in Poland. A Polish natural gas hub will bring socio-economic benefits to Poland. It will reduce gas prices, pave the way for an improved air quality and, by diversifying the market, it can increase security of supply. Moreover, the benefits are not limited to Poland itself – the entire CEE region, that the hub will serve, will benefit.

The report was commissioned by Shell.


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