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Nørreport Station is the busiest in Denmark and one of the key transport hubs of Copenhagen, with 250,000 people passing through each day.

The Nørreport Traffic project is part of a major renovation of the station, in which there are four project clients: The City of Copenhagen, DSB, Banedanmark and the Danish Public Transport Authority. They have collaborated to create one project that will renovate the tunnel construction, modernise the underground station and the ventilation systems, as well as supply a long-awaited and completely new street level solution to the many daily users.

Prior to the international architectural competition for the new station forecourt, Ramboll produced their overall design solution. This consists of reducing the existing four traffic lanes to two, which will allow the new station forecourt to be in direct connection with the medieval part of Copenhagen. This is an important part of the seamless travel concept. Ramboll's Nørreport Traffic project team have worked closely with the project teams in charge of the new station forecourt, and the tunnel construction renovation.

The new design, with only one traffic lane in each direction, is very challenging in terms of traffic access. The initial expectations were that advanced Intelligent Transport Systems solutions could handle the access problems. Through close collaboration with the client it became clear that relatively simple traffic signal techniques would be the optimal solution, functionally as well as economically.

The strategy has been to keep traffic jams away from the station area by means of traffic management, thus ensuring clear access for buses into and away from the separate bus lanes outside the station area.  The cycle paths along the Nørreport Station enable cyclists to pass the traffic jams to reach their destinations without delays.

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