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Einar Gudmundsson

Senior Consultant
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NGF Nature Energy (NGF) is operating and developing several anaerobic digestion plants in Denmark. NGF's mission is to actively participate in the promotion of green gases. Climate-friendly biogas can alleviate our waste issues, strengthen our domestic security of supply and provide us with the green, CO2-neutral energy that is so important for the energy supply of the future.

The Nature Energy Månsson plant produces 6 M Nm³ bio-methane per annum. It is placed in close proximity to the gardener Månsson in Brande, which ensures an optimal process of utilising biomass, both from Månsson's horticulture and egg production and from the other suppliers in the area.

Nature Energy Månsson's production is organic. The digestate from the biogas production is carefully tuned to be part of the organic cultivation of e.g. outdoor gardener Axel Månsson.

For the Nature Energy Månsson plant, Ramboll has carried out preparation of tender documents, design review, works supervision and technical assistance, as the owner’s engineer.

In addition, Ramboll has been involved in all of NGF’s projects (11 plants all in all) from the project definition stage, providing the following services: 

  • Owners engineer and technical assistance 
  • Preparation of tender documents 
  • Design review 
  • Supervision of mechanical, electrical, CMS and civil works during establishment and post construction 
  • Improvement of existing solutions 
  • Optimisation of design, energy consumption and production capacity

Project facts: 

  • Capacity: 150,000 tonnes per annum
  • Biomass: Manure (ecological cattle and poultry, conventional pig and fur animals), deep litter, waste from ecological vegetables and clover
  • Process: AD (Thermophilic), HRT: 30 days
  • Biogas treatment: H2S removal and biogas upgrading system (Amin process)
  • Biogas production: 10 M Nm³ per annum


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